which Nclex book to recommend

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    I was on line this morning trying to purchase one of these Neclex books for nursing school. those of you who used some good ones, can you please help me with my selection.

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  3. by   gt4everpn
    I don't have any specifics, but try to find the ones that give explanations to why each answer choice it either right or wrong. Try to get the ''new format select all that apply'' books. I think one is by Mosby.
  4. by   hali
    thank you for your reply. I will take your advice into consideration

    thanks for sharing

  5. by   Daytonite
    if you go back through the other threads on this subject you will find this book often listed: saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-rn examination, 3rd edition, by linda anne silvestri. the first chapters of the book are devoted to explaining how to answer nclex questions and how the nclex test is set up. however, the greater remainder of the book is a great reference of all things nursing. for all the patient conditions and diseases it lists the assessment items you need to look for and they are sequenced in order of their occurrence and severity as the condition or disease gets worse. they also list the nursing interventions. beside all that, which is what many use the book for in helping them as they are going through their nursing classes, it also has loads of nclex style questions. some are in the book following each section along with explanations on how to arrive at the correct answer. there is also a cd that comes with the book that has over 4,000 nclex type questions on it. definitely worth the money. make sure you get the exact title as there are other nclex books published by saunders and ms. silvestri. this one has 1240 pages and it is the best seller of the lot. when you go to a site like barnes and noble you can view the table of contents of these books. in some cases you can also view several pages (that may be on the amazon site) before making any decision to buy.

    you will also hear of one or two other books that students say are also very good. i cannot speak to them as i have never seen them. kaplan gets recommended a lot as well. i only know about this book because i have a copy of it that i use for reference.
  6. by   gt4everpn
    Quote from hali
    thank you for your reply. I will take your advice into consideration

    thanks for sharing

    You're very welcome!- study, study and good luck
  7. by   dani_girl
    I use Saunders by Silvestri and think it is great! She really breaks stuff down well in kinda a note taking form.. but if you get the questions wrong the back explains why/ or why not to do the answers.. which really helps you with other questions later.
    Good luck
  8. by   hali
    I just want to say thanks to all of you for sharing.