Urosepsis Resources Help!

  1. Hi, does anyone of you guys know good resources like a website i could go to find information about urosepsis. I looked at pubmed, emedicine online, cinahl,etc and also i've search google and still did not find a good source and some of the articles either won't open or is a good article but not in English. I am doing this for my careplan. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   AfloydRN
    Try sepsis.com. ALOT of info.
  4. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    I went to that website and it mentioned severe sepsis. I am confused if urosepsis is severe sepsis already or just sepsis and does not have any organ dysfunction? I know that there are classifications such as sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock. I was trying too look for a source that is specific to urosepsis, some sources i found talked about sepsis in general. Please help. Thanks
  5. by   augigi
    What are you looking for exactly? I can check the literature for you. Are you looking for treatment, signs etc?
  6. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    Hi, this is for my careplan and i am tying to look for treatment, and also the drugs used and anything that would help me with the careplan. I found a website "emedicine" it talked about sepsis, bacterial. It seems that its hard to find info about just "sepsis" and not severe. I have to do a careplan and my instructor gave me lab values to also figure out what meds are to be used. Is there any resource specific to urosepsis or just sepsis. my intstructor told me to use "sepsis" as the primary diagnosis. Thanks.
  7. by   augigi
    Regardless of the cause (urinary or other), if sepsis is your problem, then you need to look up sepsis info. Any sepsis is pretty severe. What lab values are abnormal? Can you post the problem?

    I found 101 meta analyses of sepsis treatment via Ovid, so the info is out there. Try searching "nursing" AND "sepsis" for a bunch of articles.
  8. by   Leng27RN,BSN
    Hi, i already searched the database and found a lot of info about sepsis, and i just needed the right keywords :chuckle. Augigi, I emailed you some info you are asking. Again thanks for all your help. I just needed enough info to gather so its easier for me to do the careplan. Thanks for sharing all the websites and resources you guys know, thanks.