Teaching Plan Desperation

  1. I need to come up with a teaching plan for a patient with COPD/emph. One idea I have is breathing exercises, but I need to be cautious to not impose anything that is not PhysTher approved. In addition I need to make sure that it will acutally be therapeutically benificial to the patients problem. If any one has specific ideas from past experience, please share. I am very open-minded concerning this and am willing to look into anything related to his respiratory problem. Thanx
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  3. by   EricJRN
    How about teaching pursed lip breathing? There are a ton of resources for it that are available with a Google search.
  4. by   augigi
    Another thing would be teaching related to meds eg. if they are on a bonchodilator, you could teach correct inhalation technique, or use of nebulisers.
  5. by   Daytonite
    After your assessment of the patient, what are his knowledge deficits? Does he need to know more about his disease process? Medications? Activity restrictions? Help with ways to adapt getting through or accomplishing daily ADLs? Patient teaching, like care planning starts with your assessment of the patient. Once you know what specifically the patient is having problems with, I can give you some links to resources.