Student Nurse Organizations?

  1. We have several student nurse organizations at our school which we are encouraged to join. I was wondering how many of you participate in these and what are the benefits to being a member. I know I will have very little extra time to spend on them so what is your opinion of joining. Oh yea, by the way, one fee is $30 and the other is free.
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    Mary Ann
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  3. by   Daytonite
    when i was a nursing student i belonged to the national student nurses association and thereby my state (california) student nurses association. the coolest thing was that i was able to attend one of the state student nurse workshops sponsored by the california student nurses association over one weekend. it was without a doubt the best, most stimulating weekend ever. i came back energized anew about nursing and determined that it definitely was the career i wanted. i got to meet the person who was the president of the california board of nursing! as well as several nurses who were pioneers and leaders in the field at the time. this was definitely one of the benefits of being a member. there is always the option to attend the national annual conference and meeting, but i couldn't afford the travel and cost.

    here is a link to their website. check it out. you will find a link there that lists all the local state chapters so you can check to see which ones are affiliated with your school or within your area so you will know which ones are connected with nsna. - national student nurses association
  4. by   boyfactory
    Part of our tuition went to pay for a membership in the NSNA. I was fortunate enough to attend the annual conferences to represent our school in 2005 and 2006. They were, as another poster said, quite stimulating. You get to network, sit in on breakout sessions, and most importantly, get a real feel for how people view nurses.

    Jennifer D.
  5. by   jov
    one of the reasons why nursing isn't a stronger force in the labor market is because we don't stick together. Nursing organizations help achieve that goal, except there are two darn many of them. At least join one of the the Biggest One.
  6. by   Health girl
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