Senior level attrition rates

  1. Am I imagining things or "it happens" that 1/2 of a senior nursing class can fail out of a nursing program? This is what I am hearing about that is happening at a local nursing BS program. Why allow students to reach almost to the end of their program and drop them when they do not make a passing mark? Does this sound as part of the schools teaching approach or just students not applying themselves. I heard that most of the 1/2 that failed their senior level proved that they can pass the NCLEX mock or predictive test. Is this a necessary action to ensure a high NCLEX pass rate?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    What is going on over at your school! The way a school is run depends on its leadership. That's where it all starts. So, if there are issues, they have started with the people in charge one way or another. Either they permit the ones who are pulling the crap that is going on to do it by turning a blind eye to them or they are telling them to do it. Either way, you poor students are at their mercy. Why they would be doing this, rather than being supportive and nurturing, I couldn't say. Unfortunately, as an unsuspecting student you can't always know that this is going on in a nursing program except by word of mouth and that's not an efficient system. It's very sad. If you have a choice, I would look for another nursing program and ask very pointed questions at the application interview. You just may have gotten into the rare program that isn't student friendly and I'm so sorry that has happened. All you can do is attempt to keep your head above water and get through.
  4. by   iHeartNICU
    We started at 100 and are down to 52. We graduate in December. Something doesn't sound right to me if that many people can fail....especially when most were awesome students and all the sudden....gone because they failed.
  5. by   nurse47
    It's all about the money!
  6. by   nurse47
    it's all about the money! they don't care about the nursing shortage.
  7. by   NMB107
    This happened to me at my local ADN program. Im not saying I have been brilliant throughout nursing school, but I have had a mixture of final grades being B's and C's and have never really struggled any of my semesters, but my senior semester Fall '07 came out of nowhere more than 60 students failed not including the 30 or so that dropped mid way in a class of 156. How did we make it all the way to senior semester and not make it through? The when January arrived there weren't enough spots for the returning students including myself so we all had to wait until this Fall. I don't know what is going on at this particular Nursing program in New Orleans. Its really devastating when you put your all in and its not exactly a walk in the park to try and transfer to another program your senior semester.