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  1. Hi there, first time doing this..... I am a second year RN student who has to come up with a report sheet for school and I was hoping for some input from experienced RNs on what to put on my sheet. I need to have enough info for 4 patients on one sheet. If there is any suggestions, that would be FABULOUS......

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    as an experienced rn, i have developed my own report sheet- i do pt care on a med surg unit- i include name,code status, iv site and date inserted, iv fluids and bag number, diet and activity and o2 setting. i can refer to my longer pt profile for more info and add more to my report sheet if needed. i can fit about 7-8 pt on 1 sheet.
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    Pt name,age, DR IV fluid/rate VS times___ Diet Activity Past shift event
    diagnosis ____
    code status

    All in columns with a small amt of room to jot notes. Carry it in my pocket so that if the doc rounds I have it at my finger tips. I note any abnormal labs xrays etc from the previous shift in the last column and leave room under VS times to write in the VS.
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    Hi, Jules!

    This is the report sheet I have used for some time at work that I designed myself. Feel free to copy and use it. It was created on Word using Table formatting in the event you want to change any parts of it. Just make sure to make the gridlines appear so you can see how they are used to set the cells up.
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    On our report sheets we have spaces for different things--are they diabetic, activity--a assist t total p partial. Ambulation assist 1 or 2 people. IV size, gauge, with iv fluids running or sl for saline lock. There is a line for diet ,O2 info, DNR status and any upcoming tests. There is also room for any addl info we need to tell the next nurse along with the last set of vitals.
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    Here are three sheets I've used in the past. Feel free to edit as needed. Email me if you need help editing/adapting them.



    The All-Important Brain Bedpans