requesting info. on IV tubing change

  1. hello, this is my first post on this forum. i stumbled upon this website on accident, but i feel like i hit the jackpoot! i have been reading some of the threads in here and i really wish i would have found this site sooner.

    i have completed one rotation on a med surg unit, and since then i have had two rotations without any practice with IV's. i recently finished my mental health rotation and i am heading into my second (and final) med surg roation.

    before i ramble on all day, let me get to the point. i forgot the step by step process of changing IV tubing, priming IV tubing, and IVPB's (secondary tubing).

    i know this would be a real hassle for someone to type a step by step routine that they follow for each, so i am really hoping that someone has a good website/book or anything that can help me out.

    thanks everyone

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    Welcome to the site. I used, and sometimes still refer to, Photo Atlas of Nursing Procedures by Pamela Swearingen. It has pictures and step-by-step instructions of nursing procedures. Mine is the 2nd addition, and looks a little dated, but I'm sure it's been updated. Mine has over 1500 photos and over 325 procedures. It's published by Addison - Wesley.
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    Quote from myxel67
    [/color]welcome to the site. i used, and sometimes still refer to, addison--wesley photo atlas of nursing procedures. it has pictures and step-by-step instructions of nursing procedures. mine is the 2nd addition, and looks a little dated, but i'm sure it's been updated. mine has over 1500 photos and over 325 procedures.
    thanks for your post, i will look into that.

    btw, your avatar is great!
  5. by   loricatus
    There is a video out there somewhere, but I was unable to find it.
    Maybe this will help a little.
  6. by   Daytonite
    hi, gaylordfocker2002!

    wow! when i saw the above link from cotc (central ohio technical college) i thought, "it'll never open up," since the college shut the public out of their nursing procedure videos. i was surprised that the link was active!

    here are some websites that have videos of iv procedures on them: - from harrisburg area community college. click on videos to see movies of various iv procedures, ng tubes, and wound packing. will need a real one player to view. site states you can download a free version of the player. heparin well, piggyback, iv push, ampules, pediatric medication administration, pediatric iv administration with soluset. - from harrisburg area community college more videos of nursing procedures. this site includes links to videos on bandaging, bedmaking, enemas, iv therapy, medication administration (most all routes of administration are addressed), ng tubes, nursing skills (sterile gloving and dressing, dressing change, straight catheterization, indwelling catheter and rom), physical assessment and positioning - index of video lectures on nursing procedures. iv piggyback meds, trach cleaning, catheters, injections, starting ivs, and ng tube insertion.

    welcome to allnurses!
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    wow, this is all good information. thanks a bunch.