1. How can you instill trust in client and family caregivers in the current health care climate??
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    Please show us what you have come up with so far. We are more than willing to help but will not do your homework.....thanks.
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    im sorry to give question to help im sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    no need to be sorry....just tell us first what YOU think
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    Quote from nurse nesreen
    How can you instill trust in client and family caregivers in the current health care climate??
    "Examining one’s own behavior and doing one’s best to make messages clear, simple, and congruent help to facilitate trust between the nurse and the client. Trust is built in the nurse–client relationship when the nurse exhibits the following behaviors:
    • Caring
    • Openness
    • Objectivity
    • Respect
    • Interest
    • Understanding
    • Consistency
    • Treating the client as a human being
    • Suggesting without telling
    • Approachability
    • Listening
    • Keeping promises
    • Honesty"
    Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing, Videbeck 5th ed Pg 81.
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    Greeneth has very helpfully given you the answer she knows how to look up. However, we still don't know what YOU know or think about this, where you looked, what resources you tried to use... all we know is you asked us for your homework.

    I understand that English is not your first language and you are in a different culture. Perhaps it would be helpful if you let us know what the answer would be where you are, and why, before you ask for ours.

    We do not like to give answers to obvious homework questions because doing so doesn't teach anybody anything about how to think, how to search out answers (besides,"Gee, I think I'll just ask somebody on line to do it for me"), or how to describe thoughts in your own words. These are skills every nurse must have if s/he is to be able to think about patient care and safety.