Please Help: Foley Cath question on sterile technique

  1. Can anyone give any tips..Okay, once I open the foley cath package, there is a sheet that goes on the bed and under the buttocks..Once the package is open, that item is on top on how our school had their foley packages...Was wondering, do you place that first on the bed and under the buttocks, then put on the sterile gloves in another location..Please help..
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    This link explains the procedure the way I was taught. I was taught to carefully pick up two corner edges of the drape and slide it under the patient. The middle part of the drape remains sterile, and the part you've touched is under the patient's hips.
  4. by   babbsrn
    To be honest, it has been about a little over a year since I have placed a foley, but best I can recall the sheet you are referring to on top does go under the pt, then you don your sterile gloves. That is, if it is unfenestrated (without the hole). I always had a little drape under the patient before I began, so that I would be certain not to unintentionally contaminate the entire package.. Hope that helps. Good luck to you!
  5. by   Bala Shark
    Okay, thank you all
  6. by   I RN A
    OK, first waterproof pad under pt's buttocks, the open you kit on the pt's bed, when you open it, pick up your sterile sheet touching only the outer 1 inch of it or the corners. This is allowed, the inside of it remains sterile. Try not to touch this sterile sheet to anything, like your clothes or pt's blanket. Have the pt. lift the buttocks and slide the sheet underneath. This is your sterile field now. Put your sterile gloves on and do the rest of the procedure. FYI: do not forget, when you touch the pt. with one of your sterile gloved hand, this hand considered to be contaminated.
    Good luck!