Pediatric Meds!!!! Help!!!!

  1. OK I need to know if any of you know of a Pediatric Drug Reference for nurses. I have a 2007 nurses drug reference but it does not give me pediatric dosages and clinical indications and teaching for pediatric patients. It is the standard medications for adults book. We have 20 pedi drug cards due next week and I am having a HARD time finding my pediatric dosages and other things I need!!! Please help. I checked and they only have a 2004 edition
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  3. by   mrsbigwood1
    I found Mosby 2007 @ Barnes and for about $36
  4. by   apple84
    i used my a pediatric drug book at my nursing school library instead of getting a new book. another thing i found helpful was going to the unit a little bit early and using their online resources ... ask the nurses on your unit sometimes they can show you easy ways to find information using the hospital databases!
  5. by   AliRae
    I'd love to help, but unfortunately (fortunately for us, though!) our children's hospital just released our very own, specific to our facility formulary. (ooooh, ahhhhhh). I think a lot of the dosages are pretty standard though ... if you get really stuck, PM me and I can check some of 'em for you. =)
  6. by   VickyRN
    The absolute best on the market (considered to be the "Bible" for pediatric medication administration): Pediatric Dosage Handbook by Lexi-Comp.