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  1. I need an outcome for a wellness diagnosis that has nursing interventions, I am completely stuck!! The client is a 10 month of child who came into the clinic because the mother thought he had an ear infection because he was pulling at his ears. After the doctor saw him she concluded he did not have an ear infection. The diagnosis I came up with is " Health seeking behavior related to health maintenance as evidenced by acute care visit for possible otitis" but I need outcome!! Help, Please!!
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  3. by   FE710
    i'm not sure that is a good nsg dx. becasue it refers to someone seeking ways to alter personal health habits and/or the environment in order to move toward a high level of health. what you listed was a concerned mother who was maybe being overly precautious (although i would have done the same thing). maybe you can get something out of "caregiver role strain". otherwise it wouldn't be patient centered.
    just my thoughts.
  4. by   Daytonite
    i gave you a suggestion for a diagnosis in your other thread. you are not constructing the diagnosis correctly. a wellness diagnosis is all about improving what is already healthy. since this is a 10-month old i recommend that you review the developmental milestones that the child should be achieving. several of the pediatric websites listed on this thread have pediatric developmental milestones listed on them: Medical Disease Information/Treatment/Procedures/Test Reference Websites - medical disease information/treatment/procedures/test reference websites. check them out.

    the nursing diagnoses we have to work with address the basic adls. for a child, i would go for nutrition. this child should be progressing to eating solid foods. i would use a diagnosis of readiness for enhanced nutrition r/t improvement of health aeb meets appropriate standards of eating and drinking for age and weight. for interventions look at child nutrition information and what is recommended to feed 10-month olds. this will not be a difficult task to find interventions for. it is basic childcare information. these interventions for this diagnosis are pretty much teaching in nature. these wellness diagnoses are used when the patient is normal and teaching is called for merely to improve on what is already ok.

    outcome: the patient will increase his weight and height to match growth standards.

    an alternative to use would be risk for ear infection r/t trauma with foreign objects. i'm assuming that the kid could be putting his fingers or other objects into his ears and irritating them to the point of getting an infection. otherwise, om is a secondary infection that migrates from the respiratory track. in any case, if you want to use a diagnosis like risk for ear infection the outcome would be that the patient is free of ear infections and the interventions for this specifically are:
    • strategies to prevent the problem from happening in the first place
    • monitoring for the specific signs and symptoms of this problem
    • reporting any symptoms that do occur to the doctor or other concerned
  5. by   FE710
    OOps sorry didn't see the Wellness part! My bad