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  1. Can someone please help me??? Tomorrow we have to do pt teaching in class and I chose how to use crutches. My problem is how do I write my instructions?? We have to demonstrate our teaching and turn in our instructions. Not sure how to get started.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    there are hundreds of websites that are consumer (patient) oriented. all you need to do is look at how they are set up to get some ideas. many of them are written in easy to read language and have pictures or drawings. some are short and to the point. some just list the steps. this is your decision to make. i found patient teaching information on the use of crutches on these two consumer websites that i often go to for information:
    there is also information on teaching crutch gaits on page 1005 of saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-rn examination, 3rd edition, by linda anne silvestri.
  4. by   Conrad283
    Well, think about how they're going to be using the crutches. They're obviously going to have to get to their feet. So the first step is getting to their feet safely. Then the next step would be proper positioning of the crutches in the armpit. Then would be going over the different type of swinging motions to go over. That should get you started.