nursing school jitters

  1. Hello everyone,

    Hopefully, if everyhting goes okay with my finances; i will be starting nursing school in January 2007, which is only 4 weeks away. I am so super nervous and have been thinking about it all the time. Sometimes, I lose sleep over it because I want to do well but i dont know what to expect in a accelerated RN program. I have a bachelors in biology but have no previous medical experience. Is it normal to feel like this before school and everyone tells me that its very stressful and that I willl not have a life-is this true? Those of you who can relate please tell me that its doable and that people do well in these programs.

    Any advice on this one would be greatly appreciated:stone :stone
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  3. by   blackberry4eva
    hello. i started the program this past semester. yes you will not have a life and yes in my experience, it has been stressful, and yes it can be done. my advise to you would be to study and study all the time. i also would advise you to know the info and not memorize as each test builds on the other. nursing is very challenging in that the tests are not cut and dry, they are scenarios and you will need to know the best answer(not what you think). also try to do well early on tests so you won't be as stressed out during finals as i was. as for right now, just relax and enjoy your free time and stop waisting precious energy on being nervous(save it for class)! you can and will do well so just believe in yourself.
  4. by   ashlee22
    THanks so much

    I really appreciate your kind words; I will relax with my family, sleep and enjoy life and save all that wasted energy for the first day of school

    You really made me feel better
  5. by   nurseangel47
    You'll do fine. You'll be fine. It will work out as it has done for thousands of those of us who were anxious over getting through it. Relax. Enjoy the holidays!
  6. by   DizzyLizard
    I just finished nursing school and have so may emotions running through my head I don't know if I'm coming or going! School was difficult, demanding, and time consuming but we had a great class and many friendships were formed and lots of laughs were shared. You can do it if you set your mind to it! Good luck!
  7. by   NaomieRN
    I started nursing school in September and yes I had a life. I actually went on a vacation for 6 days while taking nursing 101. I would not recommend it for anyone, but since my average was a 94, I felt that I was in great shape with one test to go at the time. I did read all the chapters before I left. I think people panic when they go to nursing school. When you take the test, all the information is in the book. It is a matter of reading and paying attention and trying to apply what you read in real situation. By going to clinicals, you able to tie that information from the test book. When I take the test, I go by what's in the book, not by what I saw a nurse did in clinical. If you can take the time to read the chapters in the book in a quiet place you should be ok. You also need to find the time to that. Good luck to you, if I can do it, so can you.
  8. by   ashlee22
    thanks future nurse35,you are very encouraging
  9. by   ashlee22
    thanks futurenurse35 ; your words were very encouraging
  10. by   shoegalRN
    I start nursing school 01/17/07 and good thing I have a friend who is already in the accelerated BSN program because she is letting me use all her books. I'm gonna start reading my patho book and try to get the first 5-6 chapters read before school even starts. I've also picked up Patho made Easy and have been reading that. I want to be super prepared once school actually starts.
  11. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    No need to worry about starting nursing school. Especially since you already have a bachelors, you know the expectations of a college/university. Nursing school will be stressful, and frusterating, and time consuming, but just learn to take it in stride. One semester at a time, getting one step closer to the end. I'm nearly done a four year BScN, and my advice: if it stresses you out don't make it your life. I've kept a completely seperate group of friends outside nursing school, have removed myself from all the gossipy NS groups, have worked most weekend, kept up my own sports and hobbies on the side, and have had plenty of time for family. Nursing school is a part of my life, but is not my life.

    Take a deep breath and relax, the more anxious and stressed you get at the start the less it will help. You worked hard to get into the program, know that you deserve to be there along with everyone else. Medical experience is a bonus, not a requirement to understand your courses--thats why you're in school right.

    Best of luck to you when you start. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
  12. by   MySimplePlan
    Great advice all around.

    I second the advice of doing as well as you can early on. It's a great feeling to go into that final knowing a low grade won't sink you....there's nothing worse than needing a huge grade on the final to get through the class. Do NOT let yourself get into that position.

    Also, you may be given extra assignements, such as papers, or other things. Try to do those as early as possible, not last minute. It will be so much better to get them out of your way.

    The above two pieces of advice will prtect you when Life gets in the way...when you're up with a sick kid all night, or a parent in the ER, or when you just can't study that night for whatever reason. Build your own safety net.

    I've had a tough time personally this first semester, and I got through because I did really well the first half of the semester. When personal issues crowded my life, I knew my grades could stand the hit. Thankfully, I did better than I thought I would and did well all around, but it's because of the above, and never, ever giving up.