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  1. Hi there everyone, I am currently taking a nurse management class with UTA online. My next assignment is I need to seek out a nurse leader. This person can be an educator, case manager, nurse manager, nurse practitioner. This person needs to be 2 levels higher than me... so needs a masters degree. It is basically asking about the person's everyday roles and responsibilities and how they use their skills in their practice to be a leader. There are many changes going on with my facility and I currently do not have a nurse manager or anyone I know that I can turn to for this assignment. My professor said it was fine if I found someone online to help with the assignment. I am supposed to be shadowing this person in a leadership role but if unable to, I can just interview them through phone or email which she said is fine. If anyone would be interested that would be great. The assignment is due in 2 weeks but I just need someones crednetial information, phone number, and email for starters. The sooner the better. Thanks so much.
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    I did this for my management course as well. We had to find a person ourselves to follow. I contacted the nurse hub at the hospital I was precepting at, they connected me with someone to follow. It is a really great experience to actually follow the person and see everything. You should really actually follow someone rather than just interviewing some random person online.

    You should call a hospital in your area, tell them you are a student and need to follow a nurse in a leadership role and ask for their assistance in finding you one.
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    Which part of NJ are you in?
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    I'll send you a PM.