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  1. Hi there, is there an RN that would be able to answer some questions for one of my classes? It is just basic questions about your experience as a nurse. If anyone could do this it would be much appreciated. The questions are easy and you can opt of any you don't want to answer etc.
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  3. by   KrysyRN
    I can help!
  4. by   NRKB
    <3 Thank you so much! You saved the day! Not only are you a nurse, but you're a super hero well to me at least!
  5. by   KrysyRN
    Lol thank-you!

    I'm working on the questions right now..
  6. by   Esme12
    I am a huge proponent that interviews are just interview....face to face.

    Many times these assignment are to make you leave your comfort zone and obtain personal information from a complete stranger.....which is something you will have to do for the rest of your career as a nurse. The admission/interview process is vital to the care of the patient and in obtaining information .....including non verbal ques (like looking uncomfortable about abuse questions when they are saying no) that are a vital part of the process.

    Call a local school and ask to speak with the school nurse check your PCP's office to speak with the nurse (if they have one) call your local board of health or elder services and they usually have a nurse in one position or another.....go to Walgreens or CVS minute clinic at speak to a nurse there.

    the point behind these assignments is to foster growth....think out side the box....mix it up. Some schools do not find internet interviews acceptable for you have NO WAY of knowing if the anonmopus person you are inteerviewing is really a nurse.

    Nursing is about functioning outside of your comfort zone.

    I wish you the best in school.
  7. by   KrysyRN
    NRKB, I would be happy to send a pic of my drivers license to your phone or web page and provide a list of the states that I have license. That way you will be able to verify on each board of nursing's website that I am indeed an RN. You'll even see my LPN history on the websites.
  8. by   Esme12
    KrysyRN NRKB, I would be happy to send a pic of my drivers license to your phone or web page and provide a list of the states that I have license
    While that is a very noble this to wouldn't change her schools policy if in fact they had this policy. I would also caution you KrysyRN that sending a complete stranger ....who for all you know could be Charles Manson (an exaggeration I know) ......all of your personal information, in my opinion, isn't the best, nor the safest, thing to do either.

    For the most part I believe that members here are who, and what, they say they protect your safety and your identity one should be cautious on what is said on the internet.

    This is just a cautionary tale and is by no means telling anyone what to do....I do still believe that these interviews are meant to have the student think outside the box and face their fears for you will need to develop excellent interview skills as a part of your nursing practice.
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    We get these requests a lot, so if there are any other students out there who might get this kind of assignment, listen up:
    Part of your faculty's reason for giving you this assignment is to get you to go out there and speak to an RN face to face. A big email blast is not a substitute for shoe leather. AN is not Google.
    See, in nursing, you have to learn to speak to a lot of people you would not otherwise encounter; you might find yourself out of your comfort zone. This is part of nursing, a huge part. An anonymous respondent online, well, you don't really know who we are, do you? We could be the truck driving guy living next door for all you know.
    So if all you do about learning new things is "Go to the keyboard and hit send," then you are limiting your chances of actual learning a valuable skill you will need all your working life. Also, your faculty will not be impressed by your citation of an anonymous nurse on the internet.
    That said: Where will you find a nurse? Think outside the (computer) box.
    Local hospital: go to the staff development/inservice education office and ask one of them. They value education and will be happy to chat or to hook you up with someone who is.
    Go to the public health department downtown. Ditto.
    Go to the local school and ask to speak to a school nurse. Ditto.
    Go to a local clinic / physician/NP office. Ditto.
    Go to the local jail and ask to speak to the nurse there. Ditto.
    Notice all of these say, "Go to..." and not "Email..." Remember that part about meeting new people face to face and comfort zone.
  10. by   NRKB
    Actually I interviewed a few people some of which were live interviews or even nurses that I met out at a restaurant while waiting for a table. I have spoken flesh to flesh with nurses but I also wanted to get the experience for interviewing someone from here as well. I feel this is a lovely community and wanted to hear someone's experience from here. Thank you!
  11. by   Esme12
    Good for you! That is initiative....and that will help you be a good nurse. So many do not....
  12. by   NRKB
    KrysysRN I messaged you but your mailbox is full! I just wanted to thank you for your time. So thank you very much. You seem to be a wonderful nurse with an awesome career that fulfills you! Very inspiring and is a feeling that I hope to achieve some day! I do not need identification. The assignment was really laid back, and I was able to obtain experiences and a lot of excellent advice, from a few different nurses. I promise I am not a stalker cannibal. I have been a vegetarian most of my life. I suppose if I was a stalker I would be stalking your vegetable garden! I know I am silly!
    Thank you Esme and GrnTea for looking out for us students and for all the help you provide us.
  13. by   Esme12
    Do you need any further interviews? You can inbox me.