Nitroglycerin assignment

  1. Nitroglycerin Teaching Plan ( Administered Sublingual)

    Can anyone help me fill in this chart?

    Following a 20 minute teaching session, the patient will be able to:


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  3. by   EricJRN
    Is this teaching the patient how to self-administer nitro SL at home? You'd definitely want them to identify when to take it, how many doses and how far apart, then what to do if it didn't work. Does that get you started?
  4. by   Daytonite
    Here are some of the outcome indicators (goals) listed for the NOC Knowledge: Medication in Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC), third edition, by Sue Moorhead, Marion Johnson and Meridean Maas:
    • Identification of correct name of medication
    • Description of appearance of medication
    • Description of actions of medication
    • Description of side effects of medication
    • Description of precautions for medication
    • Description of use of memory aids
    • Description of potential adverse reactions when taking medication
    • Description of correct administration of medication
    • Description of self-monitoring techniques
    • Description of proper storage of medication
    • Description of proper administration of medication
    • Description of how to obtain the medication
    • Description of proper disposal of unused medication
    • Description of any needed laboratory tests
    Specifically with Nitro, I would make sure that the patient understands and knows the potential side effects that can occur when taking this drug (headache, light-headedness) and what to do for them, the correct place to put the tablet in his/her mouth, what to do if the chest pain is not relieved after three tablets, that the drug can be taken before stressful activity and to make position changes slowly because of the likelihood of fainting.

    Now, if I turn some of those into teaching objectives, it looks to me that they pretty much cover
    • Right time
    • Right route
    • Right dose
    I would just turn that into nicely written statements of patient centered objectives. That's just my opinion.
  5. by   labman
    I do agree right time, right doese and right route. Also too when to call for help. If they take 3 of them all within 5 minutes of eachother and no relief. Kind of broad otherwise and the poser above did cover everything else.
  6. by   crystalcoastlvr
    pt needs to know avoid pill to exposure to heat/light and to get a new supply every 3 months throw old ones away.
  7. by   emtb2rn
    Also include keeping the nitro with them at all times. Doesn't do a lot of good sitting in the kitchen cabinet....