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  1. Good morning,
    This is my first post ever here. The reason I came here as a last resort is because I have tried to get in human contact with a RN who is a community nurse, but have been unsuccessful. I went to a free clinic, and I got a hold of the phone number of the director of community health for the DHHS in my area. I have been calling for the three days now (left a message), and I even went to the facility and waited to see her. I heard nothing. I have asked coworkers, friends, and an instructor if they know of a community RN and all have said no. So please, before you think I am trying to an easy A on this assignment, please know that I have tried and if I had gotten something I would not have otherwise opened an account to post on here.

    With that said, if there is a community RN out there who happens to read and could PLEASE help me with an assignment that I have to complete for my Community Health class as part of a RN-BSN program, would you please consider helping?

    Here are the very few and simple questions I need to ask:

    What is it like to work with immigrants (in general; it can be immigrants from South America, Africa, Middle East, or just a general opinion)?

    What is the most common illness you see among this vulnerable population?

    Do they seem reluctant to seek out tx?

    Challenges of being a community RN?

    Rewards of being a community RN?

    I would greatly appreciate any help. The deadline is in 3 days and I would like to this assignment turned in on time. I just find it odd that it is so hard to find or get in touch with a community nurse. Maybe I just had bad luck.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Maybe all the community nurses are out in the community! Sorry, could not resist. Not a community nurse or I would attempt to assist you.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    Are there any mental health clinics in your area? I met a guy around here who does community outreach through a day clinic ...just a suggestion if your other place isn't calling back.
  5. by   nursej22
    I work for a local health department, would that help? I work in the immunization and TB programs, so I am not sure I can answer all your questions, but I am willing to try.
  6. by   nursej22
    It is very rewarding to work with immigrants; many of the people I come into contact with are children who are joining a parent who has previously immigrated, leaving behind their other parent.

    The main illness I see is TB, but that is because we are required to reach out to anyone who has had a positive PPD or IGRA in their home country. Many of the children we see are small for their age, but very few seem to have other issues.

    Because we treat TB, some are reluctant to take treatment because of the stigma people experience in their country of origin. But most are grateful for the services we provide.

    Challenges of being a community nurse? Well the pay is less than acute care, and our office and equipment is pretty low budget. As a public health nurse, we have to balance the need to protect the public with treating the patient. I don't get as much face to face with patients as I would like; there is a lot of gathering data.

    Rewards: as I said, by far, the majority of people are grateful for the services we provide. And I get nights and weekends off