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  1. by   SweetDream
    This is a great post. I am in my second semester and like you i felt guilty not doing the readings but this is a nice compromise and i will be taking your advice. Thank you!!
  2. by   boblily
    Awesome post ☺ thank u!
  3. by   Mursing_Student
    Thank you, I start school very soon and I hope this will help.
  4. by   Elvispelvis
    Okay, I realize this is an older post but it's such good advice & still relevant so I can't help but ask a few questions because I need all the help I can get. If I knew this stuff prior to nursing school & what to REALLY expect once I got there, I wouldn't have been so overwhelmed & discouraged to the point that I withdrew from the program.

    I'm currently making plans to return to nursing school & I'm busting my butt trying to properly prepare BEFORE I go back so I can get ahead & stay on track once I get there so I need all the advice I can get.

    #1 What NCLEX (PN) exam book would you recommed I get that breaks everything down into sections that makes learning this stuff a lot easier?

    #2 Can I get by in nursing school by just studying from the NCLEX exam book & studying what the teacher covers in class or should I (in addition) use cliff notes as much as possible (or just use the cliff notes primarily for med-surg)?

    #3 What's ALL covered on the NCLEX exam? I know that med-surg is widely covered on the NCLEX, but what I'm asking is, are all the subjects I learn in nursing school going to show up in some form or fashion on the NCLEX exam? Example: A&P?

    #4 One of the things I've come to learn is that nursing students only memorizing facts & not understanding the "why"*of things are usually the ones who work the hardest, learn the least & struggle in school. This was me. I understand this now more than ever but how does this concept apply to subjects like A&P?

    I've done alot of research & I can't seem to shake the concept that A&P is primarily memorizing. Would you agree or is there a book (or something) you would recommend I use to help me grasp it & not just memorize it?

    Thank you for your help & any advice you can give me.
  5. by   Macielove12
    This was probably the best One out of the tons of articles I've read. I'm in my first semester of nursing school and my first 2 exams are a few points below passing :-( so I'm feeling discouraged. I'm studying but after reading ur article I think I'm over doing it trying to read everything. I just ordered the Saunders test success so I'm hoping that helps too. Definitely taking you up on these words of wisdom.
  6. by   Mysilver1
    Can I use Med/surg nursing reviews and rationales by Mary Ann Hogan for LPN program? I'm going to start in October at Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations in west palm beach FL.
  7. by   Mysilver1
    Quote from gcat626_RN
    I would recommend Saunders comprehensive review, it is an amazing book and it is broken down by category. I used it all throughout nursing school and it is one of the best books out there in my opinion. If anyone else has any other questions please let me know. I am thrilled so many of you liked my post, if there's anything else I can do to help please don't hesitate to ask!!
    Hello there you also said another book, "Med/surg nursing reviews and rationales by Mary Ann Hogan" Could I use this prior to my LPN program? If so which edition where you referring to? Thank you in advance. I start a LPN program in October. Currently a CNA since 2009. Been working as unit clerk/CNA. Looking to go further. A bit nervous/anxious/scared...
  8. by   pillowee
    I know this is an old thread (2011), but I just need to say.......

    I really wish this was the case with my school. They always tell us to read the book because they don't have enough time to cover everything. Studying based on their powerpoints and guide doesn't help because they like to ask questions about things they never mentioned because we were supposed to read the books. I think my professors are demented. If it's not important, why bother teaching it? I'm so done with studying.
  9. by   nursingstudentx96
    Wow this article helped me a lot. I have been having a hard time adjusting with the course work this semester. I find that I try to memorize every sign and every symptoms and it is overwhelming. I am also a slow reader so it takes me hours to finish one or two chapters, so it's pretty much impossible for me to read an entire chapter. I do go back sometimes if there is something I do not understand that was taught in class. Thanks for sharing!