Microbiology study notes for y'all

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  3. by   Eirene
    here are my lecture notes and study guides from micro; they are 2 years old, but they should still work.

    micro basics
    dna review
    bacterial genetics
    infection of bacterial invasiveness
    selective and differential media
    antigens and antibodies
    fill-in the blank study guide i
    fill-in the blank study guide ii

    excuse the drawn pictures in them, i am definitely not an artist by any means. i hope they're helpful.
  4. by   HAN2009
    thank you for the notes
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    thank u so much...take care and good luck with all your future endeavors..i probably will ask for help in future..god bless
    jenny aka jlc280
  6. by   Eirene
    you are so welcome. good luck in micro! :spin:
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    this post is old but still I'm going to say thanks a lot!
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    thank you so much for your notes...
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    Thanks so much! I will be taking a 5 week micro class this summer and I am sure this will be a big help!
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    that is awesome will get home and download them
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    Quote from danibanani
    you are so welcome. good luck in micro! :spin:
    i love you're diagnosis....lol
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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    Thank you so much! I wish others would share notes on other topics, it would be so helpful!
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    Thank you. Just plain ol'.... thanks.