1. Having difficulty understanding and getting into Microbiology.Any ideas or study aides would be appreciated.Sherri
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  3. by   Dratz
    I just took Micro, anything specific you need help with? Micro is not an easy course. I had already taken Physiology prior to taking micro and that seemed to help...have you?
  4. by   Daytonite
    Here is a link to a post I made back in May with all kinds of links to online microbiology information. Enjoy--er--happy studying--er--whatever! :studyowl:

  5. by   VRN-RN
    what exactly are you having a hard time with? the way i studied it was the lecture notes, then i read the book and took my own notes. what ever i didnt understand i wrote down so i could ask my prof. look at your notes everday. bring it where ever you go so this way if you have time look over the notes. another way i studied it was everyday after lecture i studied. then when i had the new lecture i added that into the ones i was studying. dont go home and not read your lecture notes believe me it will not help u at all i did that for one test and man was i mad.
  6. by   Gragorin
    I found Microbiology very easy but I'm a former computer engineer going into nursing so it's a bit different for me. I was able to sorta coast through the class and still get an A. It was a bit disconcerting to see the others struggle to just get a B. I felt a bit guilty about that.

    Anywho, It's a class that rewards constant attendance, reading and studying I was told by the others in my class. For me, it was taking an interest in the material and reading everything in the book, even the stuff that wasn't assigned. Don't be afraid to use the professors office hours nor ask questions in class.
  7. by   MizDnurse2b
    I absolutely LOVED Micro... I am considering Infectious Disease nursing after taking the class.. I used the textbooks website a lot. See if your text has a CD or a website that you can become a member on. There are lots of streaming videos, practice tests, outlines, flashcard javas etc. Look on the inside cover for a URL. Hope this helps ! Good Luck