Math question help please!

  1. I am doing a math work sheet to help prepare for my upcoming semester in school and I need help with a math problem.

    Question is....

    The HCP prescribes 1.7 mcg/kg/body weight/day. Client's weight is 150 lbs.

    What is the dose of medication ? ( round to nearest hundredth.)

    I tried 115.91 and it is incorrect

    Can someone please show me how this problem is done.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   203bravo
    were you given the correct answer? How far off was your answer?
  4. by   chare
    Me thinks that your answer sheet is in error.
  5. by   Ashleyherberth
    Sorry for the confusion but that's the answer I came up with and they said it's incorrect, I still
    do not have the correct answer because I can not see the answer on the computer until I answer it correctly.
  6. by   Ashleyherberth
    Can you show me how to solve the problem please?
  7. by   Ashleyherberth
    No I do not have the correct answer that's what I'm searching for now.
  8. by   Coffee Nurse
    I wonder if they're being picky about significant digits? Strictly speaking, you shouldn't be rounding to a hundredth of a kilo because you don't know what hundredth of a pound you have. Maybe try 150/2.2 = 68 kg, then 68*1.7 = 115.6?
  9. by   203bravo
    uhmmmm - the only other possibilities that I could think of would be that the answer may be converting the units from mcg to mg... or maybe dividing the total into equal doses (tid, bid?) and the answer would be how much each dose should be.... and like someone else pointed out, the answer key could just be wrong.
  10. by   Ashleyherberth
    No not the correct answer either
  11. by   Ashleyherberth
    Its daily dose.
  12. by   203bravo
    Quote from Ashleyherberth
    Its daily dose.
    yeah I understand that.. I'm just posting ideas to help you get past this question. you're math is correct....
  13. by   Coffee Nurse
    115.60? If they really want it to the hundredth?

    Also, please use the "quote" button so we know who you're responding to, when you say an answer is wrong.
  14. by   beekee
    Try no rounding of anything until the end. I got 115.66613 mcg/day. So try 115.7 or 115.67.