Math Help Anyone?!

  1. here's my agenda: i'm up for a scholarship for an lpn program in my city. there are two exams that need to be taken before i actually receive my scholarship. first there is a pre-screening testing for reading and math (must score 11.0 and 10.5 which is at or above the eight grade level) if and when successful then i will be enrolled in preparatory classes to study for the c-net exam (will run from jan.-may). finally, if and when i pass the c-net exam i will receive my scholarship and the program will begin in september 08. my question is this can anyone tell me what type of math will be on the first exam and if there are any free websites that i can go to to help my prepare and score high . p.s. i really suck in math do you think i can make it? and what's in store for me if i get in?
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  3. by   APBT mom
    My entrance exam was basic math with some algebra and geometry mixed in. It was asic high school math. Here are some practice tests that I found online that might help.
    I don't know what specific test they are using but the questions are usually similiar.

    Here are some for the c net.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   Daytonite
    please check out the weblinks on this thread:
    you can get lots of problems you can work for free along with step-by-step solutions on a textbook companion website by addison pearson publishing that publishes math textbooks called ( you have to follow the instructions to download two driver programs in order to use the software on the website as well as choose a textbook. for your purposes choose a pre-algebra textbook, preferably one by author martin-gaye. this is the only website i know of where you can get loads of free problems to work. most of the other websites on the internet you will have to pay for practice worksheets.