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  1. Hi,
    I am a student in a Master's degree program in Colorado, and I'm conducting a research project as part of my coursework. My project deals with the variety of learning strategies that are currently in use or have been in use in recent years. I would be very appreciative of any who would be willing to take a quick survey. No personal data is collected--I wouldn't be able to find out anyone's identity even if I wanted to. All of the information collected will be used for this project only. I am primarily wanting responses from nursing students expecting to graduate in May or June of 2007 and nurses who have completed their programs within the last 3 years. My aim is to use the information from this study to impact future nursing education programs.

    If anyone is willing to take it, just click on the link below and a new window will pop up. Thanks in advance!!
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    Good Luck to you.
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    Thank you to all who have participated!

    I plan to leave the survey open until November 20.