Just need some feedback on my assignment

  1. I am brand new to LPN program- actually it really hasn't started yet but I am working on assignments due before first day of class:
    The question is: Write a possible diagnosis based on the following situation
    1: A 52 yr old patient is admitted after episodes of severe vomiting.
    My answer: Perceived vomiting

    2: A 75 yr old patient with right hemiparesis presents following a cerebral vascular accident(stroke).
    my answer: right muscular weakness related to cerebral vascular accident

    I am just looking for some feedback to let me know if I'm on the right track.

    Thank You
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    The vomiting is actual, not perceived.

    Right muscular weakness is not a nursing diagnosis. "Risk for injury r/t muscular weakness 2 CVA" is more like it.
  4. by   cbncfaith
    Ok That is helpful! I was not sure how to write the second diagnosis. I havent even been to class yet and I'm just winging it by what the book is telling me- I appreciate your help-Thank You
  5. by   rainy scarlett
    Severe vomitting --> Fluid Volume, Deficient
  6. by   Daytonite
    hi, cbncfaith! welcome to the nursing student forums!

    let me first tell you about three "sticky" threads on the student forums that will help you with nursing diagnosis and care planning:
    let me also give you a brief overview about chosing nursing diagnoses for patients. nursing diagnoses always reflect symptoms, or problems, that a patient is having. these are usually based on data that you've gathered during your assessment of the patient (except in the case of an assignment like this where you are given the information). all the nursing diagnoses as they are organized and classified by nanda (north american nursing diagnosis association), which is the guideline that most nursing programs want their students to use, have related factors and defined characteristics that nanda researchers have attributed to them. there are many nursing care plan books and nursing diagnosis books on the market that you can purchase where you can check this information for the various nursing diagnosis. i will also give you the links to two websites where you can view some of the most commonly used nursing diagnoses in formulating care plans if you don't have a care plan book on hand:
    to get to your actual post. . .in your first scenario, the patient is having severe vomiting. severe vomiting that is left untreated leads to dehydration and fluid and electrolyte disturbances. there are a number of nursing diagnoses that you can use here based on the information you have been given. nanda nursing diagnoses that you could use for this patient would include:
    these last two diagnoses are what are called anticipated problems. we don't know they exist, but are likely to exist if the vomiting continues.

    in the second scenario the patient has right hemiparesis following a stroke. hemiparesis is hemiplegia, or paralysis, of one side of the body. you can verify this by checking a medical dictionary. a lot happens when people have strokes. a stroke that leaves a patient paralyzed on the right side has usually occured in the left side of the brain. other symptoms they might have include aphasia or other language problems, the inability to distinguish between the left and right side of their body, problems with comprehension and depression. you are only being asked to address the hemiparesis. nanda nursing diagnoses that you could use for this patient would include:
    hope that has helped you. good luck with the remainder of the assignment!
  7. by   talaxandra
    Awesome response, Daytonite
  8. by   cbncfaith
    Thank you sooo much for your help!! I am so glad I have this forum as a resource!!