I need help with an interview for class

  1. Hi there. My name is Kylie Reed and I am a nursing student at the University of Michigan-Flint. I am currently in a transcultural nursing class and need some help with an interview that I need to conduct. I can send you the questions if you are willing to help. I just need someone from a different culture than my own. Thank you so much in advance for your help!
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    1) Never, never, never reveal your true name and affiliation here. You should change your handle to something else other than firstnamelastnamedateofbirth, too. And check the thread on not making your avatar recognizable, when you get to posting one. I know that in this day and age of FB and letting it all hang out that you are probably surprised by this, but believe me; your school will have very strict rules on social media and disclosure. While it might not seem that this assignment would matter, you could (we hope) be an AN member for a long time, and you don't want anyone at school or work to know about some of the things you might want to vent here.

    2) We get these requests a lot, so if there are any other students out there who might get this kind of assignment, listen up:
    Part of your faculty's reason for giving you this assignment is to get you to go out there and speak to someone face to face. A big email blast is not a substitute for shoe leather. AN is not Google.
    See, in nursing, you have to learn to speak to a lot of people you would not otherwise encounter; you might find yourself out of your comfort zone (especially in a transcultural situation). This is part of nursing, a huge part. An anonymous respondent online, well, you don't really know who we are, do you? We could be the truck driving guy living next door for all you know.
    So if all you do about learning new things is "Go to the keyboard and hit send," then you are limiting your chances of actual learning a valuable skill you will need all your working life. Also, your faculty will not be impressed by your citation of an anonymous nurse on the internet.
    That said: Where will you find such a nurse? Think outside the (computer) box.
    Local hospital: go to the staff development/inservice education office and ask one of them. They value education and will be happy to chat or to hook you up with someone who is.
    Go to the public health department downtown. Ditto.
    Go to the local school and ask to speak to a school nurse. Ditto.
    Go to a local clinic / physician/NP office. Ditto.
    Go to the local jail and ask to speak to the nurse there. Ditto.
    Notice all of these say, "Go to..." and not "Email..." Remember that part about meeting new people face to face and comfort zone.
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    We were told to use a chat room as a source as well which is why this is the way that I am doing it for some additional information to the information that I have already gathered.
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    Quote from kyliereed00
    We were told to use a chat room as a source as well which is why this is the way that I am doing it for some additional information to the information that I have already gathered.
    OK, but how do you know who's answering? I'd be sure to put that in the paper you submit. I mean, first, you didn't say what your ethnicity is, so who knows what's different , and second, I could say I'm Indonesian or Serbian or Incan, answer your questionnaire, and you'd never know. How might that affect the validity of your results? Discuss. (former instructor here )
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    I am not going to waste my time responding to things that do not matter at all in this situation. I was told to do something a certain way and am trying to do so. You do not have to help me. I am not asking you to. I also am not asking to be hassled for doing something within my syllabus as an acceptable form as supplemental information.
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    GrnTea, she could always make another account later. I don't think for this particular assignment it is a big deal, as long as she doesn't use the account later to vent about her job.

    And also, I highly doubt '00 is her birthday. Either that would make her a 13 year old nursing Sheldon Cooper genius or a 113 year old nursing student!!!!

    Kylie, I'm a new nurse and don't have any transcultural experience otherwise I would help! Good luck on your assignment.
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    ::sigh:: OK, fine. Good luck with your assignment.
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