I need an interviewee: Culture in the Workplace.

  1. Hello! I'm in a sociology class that is a prereq for nursing school. The first assignment is regarding another culture. This is where I need your help! I've been so bogged down with learning my new job as a CNA, my micro class- a&p class-and english 2 class that this has slipped me. Can someone PLEASE answer the following questions? I'd like to relate culture into the workplace. Since I'm a prospective nurse, I'd like to interview an international nurse. Please be descriptive--- VERY descriptive. I love to write with as many details as possible. I know this is a last minute thing, and I totally regret it, but I do need some help I figure this would make for a good topic too because everyone in this forum can relate. Please elaborate until you can't think of one more detail to add. Thank yall SOO SOOO MUCH! I hope I can return the favor for yall one day

    1. Before you moved to the US, what are some of the characteristics of your home country that you took for granted?
    2. What was your initial impression of the US? Please elaborate. What did you think of the food? The streets, architecture, and hospitality? How did you react to these changes?
    3. What one thing about your country do you wish that you could take with you (any object, person, place, etc)
    4. As far as working as a nurse, what changes did you notice from previously? Was the atmosphere different? Did you experience culture shock at work? Were your duties the same? How were the environments different? Please verbally draw a picture of your first impression. The first things you saw when you walked into the double doors so to speak. How were you greeted?
    5. What made you move to the US?
    6. What are the pros and cons of living in another country?
    7. What advise would you give someone that was in your position when you moved?
    8. What were your thoughts as you flew/drove to the US?
    9. What were your expectations for your move? Were they fulfilled?
    10. Financially, are US paychecks and benefits what you expected? Why or why not?
    11. In your home country, what was your routine? What did you look forward to? What kind of places did you go to relax? What was your favorite thing to do for entertainment?
    12. How have these things changed?
    13. Do you have any regrets?
    14. What do you suggest to make the US better that you've learned from your move? This can be as broad or specific as you want.
    15. Is fashion different?
    16. How do you think these changes affect your personal life? Your work life? Are you any different?
    17. What personal achievements have you made through your experiences?
    18. How did you adjust to the US? What kind of techniques? How long did it take you?
    19. What differences do you see in nursing between the two countries?
    20. Please add anything else you think I should include to make this article better. I really need visuals. My writing tends not to be so conventional, I like to draw pictures with my writing. Please be as descriptive as possble.
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    PS, If you get too bored answering all of them, please, any amount is better than nothing. This is due Monday, so PLEASE even if you can just answer one or two... you're helping me out a LOT. Ideally though, I'd love for a full article about one of you instead of stringing bits and pieces together. Also, you can add as many questions or answers as you want. I used to want to be a journalist so I can put something together. I'd just really like to base it on actual fact. It's fun to me

    Thank yall!
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