Help with nursing diagnosis for infant

  1. I have a major care plan due soon and I have to come up with a knowledge deficit and psychosocial nursing diagnosis for my patient.

    My pt was a 2 month infant with downs syndrome and heart defects who had corrective heart surgery. Since I have to do a knowledge deficit on my patient my instructor told me to use the parents, but the parents were not present during the infant's hospital stay due to having another 1 year old at home. I noticed there was a referral for a social worker due to parents arguing about the condition of the baby and the father being afraid to care for the ill infant. My instructor told me i could use Knowledge deficit due to the fact that the father was not caring for the baby since he was afraid. So i was thinking knowlegde deficit related to infant care but Im not sure what i would use for my as evidenced by. Could my evidence be the referral i saw in the chart for a social worker?

    Also for my psychosocial I was thinking about using interrupted family processes related to hospitalization of infant but again not sure about the as evidenced by part. Would it be AEB parents not available for hospitalized infant due to having a 1 year old child at home?

    I am not good with care plans so please any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    sounds to me like you have a perfectly good handle on this one. you can use any evidence you have for a care plan, including the social worker's notes. good work.
  4. by   Devon Rex
    Both AEB sound good to me! AEB do not need to be short as short as the first two parts of the nursing diagnosis. In fact, the AEB is usually the longest part of the ND.
  5. by   Esme12
    Looks good to me as well....good job!