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  1. So I've been doing fairly well in psych all semester, and we have to take the ATI exam. I failed it miserably and I dont know why? I've taken plenty of practice questions but compared to the actual ATI they were all basic level questions that were pretty simple. I've tried to read the areas I did poor in, I'm just lost. Someone please help. How do I prepare for this thing? Is this really like the NCLEX?
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  3. by   itsnowornever
    My school was ATI based and was a TON harder than NCLEX I felt. One of my instructors said you can't practice questions that aren't created by the same source you are testing off of, for reasons like you stated. Do you have the codes for the ATI quesitons? They have a TON of practice questions in EVERY area. When you test, is your hand on the mouse? Or do you remove your hand from the mouse, read the question and answers, select your answer and then put your hand back on the mouse and proceed to the next question? Get that hand off that mouse! Anxiety makes you click your heart out and before you know it, you've failed! Practice ATI questions for an ATI test. You will be fine. ATI always messed with my head, I always passed, but I preferred HESI.
  4. by   good_bye_kitty
    I have to take the ATI OB exam later on this week and what my school gave us was a book from ATI to study from...try to see if you can buy one of their books
  5. by   itsnowornever
    Quote from good_bye_kitty
    I have to take the ATI OB exam later on this week and what my school gave us was a book from ATI to study from...try to see if you can buy one of their books
    Good thinking! I did buy a set from eBay for $40 as opposed to buying new from ATI at $250 :/
  6. by   KatieMI
    IMHO we have to start speaking about the whole thing. ATI tests carry about 5 - 10% questions which are plain wrong and that their content has some 3/4 similarity with content of the better NCLEX sources available (my data from Hurst and Sauders 5 edition). I have no idea where ATI got their data about any correlation between their scores and NCLEX passing rate, except this can be the result of just the fact that the students who intensely study whatever more or less reliable source probably have higher chance to pass NCLEX anyway. We're about to take Pharm and i'm enraged - meds grandfathered 30 years ago, meds not even approved yet, disconnected lists of side effects, details of what meds should look like, etc.
    some ati questions even professors dont agree with it
  8. by   coucas12
    My school requires we pass ATI with a level two or we fail the class. The practice questions have nothing to do with the actual final exam. All I can say is read your entire textbook and the entire ATI book. For me with psych things that were on the final were not in the ATI book but in my textbook. Many of the material is wrong, so just know what they consider right and just forget it after. Before you take the boards do a review with Kaplan because just ATI alone may not be enough.
  9. by   MwtM
    I agree and am in the same situation with coucas12. For ATI's, we were always given 2 "practice tests" that were on the ATI website. Also, under "tutorials" you can find many practice/final tests that may help you as well.
  10. by   malenurseFl
    I'm not a fan of ATI. My school requires a huge amount of work besides exams and clinicals. ATI is mandatory but, it takes too much time away from studying for exams or working other projects.