Gordon's Functional Health Pattern with NANDA

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am a nursing student who is reaching out to the AllNurses.com community for some assistance and feedback on a topic that I am struggling with for a Health Promotion's class project. My health promotion topic pertains to Nutritional Status in School age (5-11 yo) The area that I struggling with selecting 3 or 4 Wellness Diagnoses from Gordon's Functional Health Patterns and subsequently provide2-3 NANDA nursing diagnosis with rationale?!
    For example:
    III. Nutrition-Metabolic Pattern (Gordon's Functional Health Pattern)
    4 Possible NANDA: However I am lost at providing a rationale for each????
    - Ineffective thermoregulation
    - Risk for infection
    - Impaired tissue integrity
    - Impaired skin integrity

    PLEASE I am desperate need for help and truly value any guidance, feedback or assistance that the wonderfully intelligent, interactive nursing community might provide to the struggling nursing student! THANK YOU
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    Moved to Nursing Student Assistance Forum, as better suited to this type of inquiry.
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    Sounds like a homework assignment I had a few months ago. Think them out and show us what you have.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    If you have a copy of the NANDA-I 2012-2104 (the current edition) ($29 at Amazon, free 2-day shipping for students) you should take a look at the health maintenance diagnoses and see what that suggests to you. When you do, let us know what you come up with and we can help from there.
  6. by   gibbstam
    Hello. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to respond. I have spent some time reviewing the Davis Nursing Care Plan textbook as suggested. Here is what I have written thus far. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

    I. Health Perception-Health Management Patterns
    Risk for delayed growth and development related to inadequate nutrition.
    Risk for ineffective health maintenance related to lack of material resources
    and/or psychosocial supports.
    II. Activity Exercise Pattern
    Risk for injury related to immune or autoimmune dysfunction due to
    Activity intolerance related to loss of muscle mass, tone, and strength associated with malnutrition.
    III. Nutrition-Metabolic Pattern
    Risk for infection related to protein-calorie malnutrition.
    Impaired skin integrity related to malnutrition and altered metabolic state.
    Risk for imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements related to caloric
    intake does not meet activity levels.
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    This may help......NANDA/Gordon
  8. by   nurseprnRN
    These look quite plausible but are they what you observed in YOUR patient? If you are teaching about possibilities to be avoided by better nutrition, for example, they're fine, assuming that these nursing diagnoses have those as approved related (causative) factors in NANDA-I. (I am on the road and don't have my book with me, so you are on your honor to check )