1. Im a beginning nursing student and i am having difficult wit my classes. I study so much from day to night then wake up 2 hours early in the morning to study but when i get to the test the questions are difficult. I know the chapters very well when i get done studying but the questions dont really apply to the book. I took my first fundamentals test on thursday and got an 65% and took my first nutritional test today and got a 54% . On my prerequites classes i got all a's and b's. Do anybody know where i can get help for these classes? Maybe like practice questions or more resources. If so that will be very helpful.:wink2:
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  3. by   Daytonite
    these are two online links i have for nutrition. i don't know if they will be helpful for you or not. - nutrition for medical students from the university of utah. - an online tutorial from the south dakota state univeristy college of nursing. it discusses or has links to dietary guidelines for specific food sources, the food pyramid, food included in the food pyramid, nutritional deficiencies and abnormal conditions associated with them.
  4. by   Candice31
    Thanks, does anybody know anymore sites?
  5. by   athena55
    These sites have to do with nutrition, I hope they can help you:
    This website has many online nursing sites, resources, nursing fundamentals, etc. Have fun looking over all the sites!,00.html
    Good Luck To You in your Nursing Studies!