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    I have been reading Physical and health assessment book and I can't seem to understand what relational approach is. Could someone give me a simple definition along with an example?

    Thank you!
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    Did you google it?
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    From my understanding, relational approach is how you interact with the patient, not just giving them care but knowing what their beliefs and values are.
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    so how would that apply to your practice and in caring for a patient? Isn't it more of a cause effect way of thinking? If the patient does this this happens. This patients family believes this so this does the nurse develop a plan of care to engage the patient and this believes culture......and proivide good care

    Relational propositions are statements in a theory that describe how the concepts are thought to be related to each other. A relational proposition may take the form of an “if-then” statement. For example, a theory may propose that if pre-operative teaching is done, then patient post-operative anxiety may decrease. The two concepts in this example are teaching and anxiety, and they are proposed to be related in an inverse manner, meaning that as one goes up, the other goes down.

    Propositions help determine the structure of a theory. Theories can take two main forms:

    • Linear – A linear theory involves causal relationships. It proposes that the presence of one phenomena leads to a change in another. A direct relationship means that if a certain phenomena happens, then a certain consequence is expected to follow.
    • Multifactorial – A theory that is multifactorial includes the influence of multiple factors that contribute to the outcome. It can include circumstances under which the relationships will occur
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