clients as stressor

  1. Hi. I'm doing an essay about the stresses of nurses. In the essay there has to be something about clients as stressors. Seeing as though I have never actually worked with any clients, could someone give me a few ideas as to what i could include?
    Much appreciated
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  3. by   augigi
    Dysfunctional families of critically injured patients, stress of caring for young, broken trauma patients...
  4. by   EmerNurse
    The stress of "clients" (read: patients) who use the callbell like a nintendo controller, and for every tiny little thing... "My pitcher is only 3/4 full of cold ice water - can you fill it up right away? I might get thirsty."
  5. by   nurseangel47
    that obnoxious and combative drunk presenting the emerg. dept. involved in a MVA .....
  6. by   Future_Nurse_Natalie
    The call light one....yeah that's soooo true!

    The families of the client that ask you what all the meds are for and what all the tests results are and they don't even know what they're talking about or get mad b/c of HIPPA (ie: had a daughter of a client ask me all of the above while on the phone with her doctor husband, while she had no clue what she was even asking me. I told her that without permission from the client I could not provide her with the info and she got angry)

    The clients that will make you bathe them even when they're perfectly capable. (playing the victim)

    This makes me sound so cynical!