Chemistry Help!

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am taking my first chemistry course ever. I am totally lost. I need some assistance in understanding the periodic table of elements, the math, EVERYTHING!.

    Anyone have websites that provide assistance in understanding Chemistry.

    I thank you so much in advance for any help.
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  3. by   JessicaER-RN
    Well, I would start by googling "chemistry help" and see what comes up. I just did that and found at least 5 good websites that should help you.

    Does your school have a math or science lab that offers help to students? They are usually run by students that are majoring in that area.

    I am also in chemistry right now but my school offered a quick basics of chemistry class last semester and that helped me SO much.

    What are you not understanding? I might be able to help you :wink2:
  4. by   VRN-RN
    yeah what exactly are you having trouble understanding? i am looking forward to helping you.
  5. by   Daytonite
    i have listed all the links i have for general chemistry. some advice. . .don't get behind with studying or homework or you will be doomed. start memorizing the first 40 elements of the periodic table because those are the ones most used and you will need to know them, their atomic numbers and valences for doing the math and redox problems later. some instructors won't let you look at the periodic table for this information--you have to have it memorized and you shouldn't be doing that 3 months into the course. and - the periodic table. click on any element to bring up a page with more specific information about it - this is an online resource with many links to all kinds of help with chemical subjects on a website for preparing for the new york regent's exam in high school chemistry. within the links are explanations of the topics as well as some worksheets with answers, particularly in solving equations. - simple interactive tutorial on balancing chemical equations with 10 additional practice exercises and step by step hints to help you out from wake forest university - you will have to download macromedia shockwave player to see the video (it's a free download) - there is also a game at this site to help learn the elements of the periodic table (see links on left side of page) - listing of links to all kinds of tutorials on subjects in chemistry - website of a high school general chemistry class. lots of links to helpful information and tutorials - the chem team. a tutorial for high school chemistry. - science help online for chemistry from fordham prep. - click on "1.4 dimensional analysis". it is an interactive program that explains da using animation rather than video in what i thought were very simple terms. also includes several problems you can try your hand at which are not chemistry related but utilize the concepts of da.
  6. by   Now or Never
    Firstly, I would like to thank you all for replying to my post and actually offering help. You are truly wonderful and I appreciate your support.

    I am going to spend tomorrow looking over my notes. I will post my exact problems as soon as I learn the language. Bear in mind I just started my course on Wednesday and for the first time, it's pretty daunting. Also, my teacher is extremely passionate and she moves pretty fast and is a little all over the place.

    I will let you all know shortly.

    Once again, thank you soooooo much.