can i take NCLEX after graduate community college?

  1. :uhoh21: hi, everyone, i feel excited about getting acceptance into the nursing program in queensborough CC. did anyone know that can i take the NCLEX after i finish the program, or can i be a RN after i graduated? i want to well prepare for the program during wintersection, should i review any topic beforehead?

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    Yes you can take the NCLEX after you finish an ADN or ASN course at a community college. Good luck
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    thx, i feel much better

    i have one more question, what about LPN, what kind of test they need to take to become LPN:roll :chuckle
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    You have to complete the nursing curriculum at the school you will be attending. As you get to the end of your nursing program, the nursing school should give you instructions on how to apply to the New York State Board of Nursing to take the NCLEX exam. You cannot apply for the NCLEX without a transcript from your school of nursing that shows you completed their nursing program. You have to pass the NCLEX in order to become an RN. Until you do that, you cannot legally call yourself an RN.

    Becoming an LPN is a different process. Normally, you would attend a school of practical nursing. Upon finishing you would take the NCLEX-PN exam. If you pass the NCLEX-PN exam you will receive an LPN license. Some states will allow nurses who have failed the NCLEX exam, or who did not complete an RN course of study, to take the NCLEX-PN exam. The only way of knowing what New York will allow is to check (1) the New York nurse practice act, and (2) the New York Board of Nursing rules and regulations. I just checked information about this on the Florida Board of Nursing for another person who lives in Florida. It is on a thread titled "Question" on the Nursing Student Discussion Forum.
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    Thx Very Much For Your Information
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    In my state after the first semester of nursing school (was in an ADN program) you could take a week long jump course at the university then test for LPN licensure and practice as an LPN (if you were successful) while finishing your RN courses. A couple of the students from my class did this but neither of them ended up finishing the RN school. I would suggest keeping your goal of an RN in mind and if you do go for the LPN prior to finishing do it as an adjuct or a study tool rather than a compromise goal.