can anyone help with discharge teaching ideas

  1. i see no one feels like answering a stressed nursing students questions its all good.. if you happen to read this PLEASE just throw me a frikin bone i am just needing an idea about discharge teaching to a post op cardiac pt with new found DVT ...just one suggestion not more time from you than it takes to read this plea.. i do appreciate it greatly
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Without any more specific information than this is a post op cardiac patient with a newly found DVT there's only two things I can think of to get you started. That would be (1) teaching regarding the taking of Coumadin since this patient will probably be put on coumadin for several months. Also, (2) continuing care at home regarding the treatment of the DVT is in order in terms of activity and positioning of the extremity involved as well as teaching the signs and symptoms that it is improving or worsening and follow up care with the physician (I'm assuming this DVT is in the leg).

    We're not frikin mind readers. We need to get some specific information as well as the student's thinking with regard to this assignment. We'll discuss and help a student out, but most of us experienced nurses are not going to do a student's frikin homework for them. Student nurses will never learn how to think if answers are handed to them. Once working, there will be no one who will answer this question for a nurse without wondering how the nurse passed their state board and got a license. :yeahthat:
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    Check out:

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  5. by   MIA-RN1
    med teaching
    exercise compliance
    followup appts w/ MD
    diet and nutrition