any good websites to practice pediatric dosage calculations?

  1. Hi,

    I have an exam in pediatric dosage calculation on Thursday. I've done all the exercices I could find but I feel that the more I practice the more I get confident I can pass

    Is there any good websites out there?


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  3. by   Daytonite
    i realize your exam was today and this post is late, however, perhaps some others will benefit from it. - scroll down this page to the drop down box under "select the tutorial from this list". click on "pediatric pharmacology math" from the drop down box. - the link "dose by weight" has pediatric medication problems - several pediatric medication problems with answers - help with pediatric dosages using fried's and clark's rule. there are 8 practice problems listed here with answers from the chemistry department of del mar college in corpus christi, tx. - help with pediatric dosages using young's and clark's rules. - calculating pediatric dosages start on page 6. includes fried's, clark's, young's, and surface area rules. - there are some pediatric medication problems mixed in with this bunch of medication problems. you are also shown how the answers are set up and worked out at the end of the document.
  4. by   mstacyi
    hi.. I stumble across this page but most of these links do not work. can you reup it if it still exist? tyvm!
  5. by   zhenwei
    Here is the one I'm using. It's focused on emergency medications.
  6. by   skyegirl
    I am also looking for some websites that give you pediatric practice problems, the link above didn't have any (that I could find). If anyone knows of any, would you mind posting them? Thank you