ABGs and ME NEED HELP - page 2

Hello all I am a 2nd semester 1st yr student who has no clue about abg interpretation and would like some assistance. Need help with understanding compensation(partial and full) and what... Read More

  1. by   steelcityrn
    Yes, I agree.....very good nrs angie!
  2. by   actionjackson3401
    Please Send Me A Copy.
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  3. by   foxyhill21
    You did a great job angie!!! even though this information was posted almost 2 years ago I hope you have graduated and pursuing your dreams.
  4. by   suni
    I use the tic tac toe method for years and it works for me.
  5. by   TRC510
    Quote from justgowiththeflowrn
    i am graduating may 25!!!! :hatparty: yhea!!! but i remember how confusing abgs can be. there is an excellent article i used from rn january 1995 turn abgs into childs play if your school library does not have it let me know and i will scan it and send it to you, it made the whole concept very easy and understanding---really!!:chuckle
    i was wondering if you were able to email me this article. thanks!