A&p Ii..helpppppp!!!

  1. OK..made it through A&P I with a 'B' for a final grade and moved on to A&P II this semester (they cram 16 weeks into 6 weeks). OMG!! I am in "study shock"!!!

    The prof I have is the same one that I had last semester, but he did a flip and now his exams are almost all essay!!! Not to mention that they cover between 3-4 chapters at a time. For anyone that uses Tatora and Grabowski, you know how hard this text is to follow and understand!!

    So know I have to step back and regroup. Change my study style and hope for the best (since I really bombed on the first quiz and exam!!).

    If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I can use all of the help I can get. Right now we are doing cardiovascular, heart, circulation, blood, and lymphatics. Please, Please, Please, if anyone can help I would appreciate it VERY much!!

    You can either post here, or e-mail me at jpchaser@home.com

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  3. by   NurseStudentFall01
    I just took a test today on the cardiovascular system, heart, blood, lymphatic system, etc. All the stuff you mentioned. I didn't do too bad, got a 78%. Normally, I'd be mortified with a 78%, but in this class, I'm proud to just be passing! Anyway, I'm more than happy to help you if I can. Hang in there and Email me!
  4. by   janleb
    YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you can do it, you got a B the last time, and you will do fine this time also. You know what I use to do, is when I thought I knew the material well enough I would stand in front of the mirror and pretend to lecture on the subject. Since it will be essay kind of a test. The best way to learn is to teach. This sounds odd I know but it works. Hope it helps
  5. by   BrandyBSN
    Its going to be a big challenge, but YOU CAN DO IT! In school they will push you as hard as they can, as fast as they can, but they wont give you anything impossible to get a handle on. And remember, we are always here for you too! Anything you need help with, you got it, and all the support you can handle, right here

    Good luck, and sending good vibes your way

  6. by   crnasomeday
    Hey there essarge. Remember at the beginning of the summer when you were really freaked out about A&PI? You did great though! Just keep that in mind. You will do fine in A&PII as well. We used the T&G anatomy book too, and I really have a fondness for that text. I bought my own copy to keep with me because it sure is helpful for reviewing all those A&P things. If you ask me, and this is just my opinion, the things that are covered in A&PII (cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary & digestive) are some of the most valuable things. It seemed like my first semester of clinicals, most of what I saw was COPD, CHF, GI bleeds & various other assorted GI conditions, and kidney failure. Knowing that A&P stuff well will really be a big help.
    Don't be freaked out about essay exams. Sometimes I think it's better to have an essay exam then an objective test. Why? well, I'm glad you asked I think that sometimes objective tests aren't the best measure of your actual knowledge. For example, right now I'm taking a class on health policy and law, and we have essay questions for our exams. I'm glad we have them frankly, because it's a lot easier for me to explain in my own words what the law is regarding a certain subject, then it would be for me to answer a multiple choice question on the subject. Did that make sense? Oh well, I know what I meant. God bless you dear one! You'll do great I'll bet....
  7. by   essarge
    Thank you!! As usual everyone is sooooo supportive on this site!! I've told everyone in my AP II class about you! I've got a lab exam on Monday (the 16th). I failed every one of them last semester (they still look like ink blots to me! LOL!), but we'll see. My next "big" exam is on the 23rd. It's on circulation, heart, blood and the lymph system. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    I'll send good thoughts out your way too!! Thanks again!
  8. by   TerritoryNurse
    Note that your latest note was a few days old so hope your exams went well. Our institution also loves Tortora and Grabowski. I find it easiest to remember by drawing pictures or diagrams or flowcharts, so that I can 'see' in my mind what I m trying to remember. The other thing I do is summarise a concept with a word and then take the first letter of each word and make a word out of the total of them. That way when I get into the exam if there is a question pertinent to the topic I can bring whats necessary out into longhand again. Probably not telling you anything you dont already do, but maybe my two cents worth may help
    Good luck and hope you score a B or above again
  9. by   essarge
    Thanks for asking, haven't had much time for the boards. I didn't do to well, only got a 57, but that's ok. I can get it up. We've got three more weeks and three more exams. Right now I've got a 73.8, which is a C and that is what is required (even though I expect more from myself). Anyway, hope everyone else is doing ok on this last semester of the summer!!
  10. by   TerritoryNurse
    As long as we get a pass and I suppose as long as we understand the concepts behind it and are able to put at least some of them into practice, that is what matters! Thing is , so much to learn and memorise...how do you put all of that into practise
  11. by   lalajenn
    Good luck!! I am also in A&P II this summer. I started on July 11th. We have already taken a lab and lecture exam. I found out about the lecture exam tomorrow. My lab exam I got an 88. I did worse in the first A&P. Good luck to everyone!! I think I did really bad on my lecure test.
  12. by   rn2003
    Good Luck essarge! I took A&P1 and 2. The first semester I had no problem with skated through with a high A. But I also found the second semester more challenging. Not only are you learning new things but you also have to rack your brain ( and last semester's notes!!!)
    Keep at it though. I am sure the summer program is even more challenging. I thought I would escape with little more than a C, but I did pull through with an A.
    I found it extremely helpful to create "cheat sheets" for myself. I would take a piece of regular notebook paper and cram both sides with any info I thought necessary. I learned most of my material just by writing all the info down. On the rare occasion when we were allowed to use these on an exam, I found that I was only referencing to my sheet and already new the correct answer.
    We also used Tortora & Grabowski, it can be a little difficult, but I always read the study outline first and then went over the chapter. It worked for me. I really like the book and found the clinical applications interesting.