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Nursing - Still A Task-Oriented Profession


Would be interested in a debate and insight as to thoughts regarding to what level bedside nursing is still task-orientated. Does anyone feel the movement away from that model in whole or part has improved or lessened the quality of care.

For the record this is *not* a homework assignment. *LOL* But a legitimate query as one's brain cells began turning the other day over another post elsewhere in the forum about hospitals shedding tasks from the RN to UAPs and LPNs to "free up" more time for the former to spend with patients.

I think it depends upon where your "bedside" of practice is.

In Hospice, for instance, the bedside tasks are less of a focus than the overall comfort of the patient.

Lev, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency - CEN. Has 7 years experience.

Bedside nursing is hands on and will always be that way. I don't think task wise nurses are doing less than in the past (unless you count mixing meds and RT work). I do think nurses have less time to sit with their patients and support them. That time is spent documenting. However, in the past, nurses in hospitals had more patients to deal with. I am not a seasoned nurse. This perception is based on what I've been told by seasoned nurses and what I've read.