which stethoscope is best

  1. I need a good one because I am hard of hearing; any suggestions?
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  3. by   rncountry
    Littman cardiac. They are expensive, but Littmans come with a lifetime guarentee, if they break, crack etc... the company will replace free of charge. If you are very HOH then let me know, a nurse in Canada that has the same problem would be the one to answer your question. She is grand and would help you right out.
  4. by   moonshadeau
    I agree with rncountry. In nursing school, I had the double lumen. You can hear ok, but the big draw back for me was that the damn thing was so heavy. After that I got a regular littman. But since I work on a cardiac floor, I too have the Littman cardiac stethescope. I LOVE it. I can tell the difference immediately.
  5. by   ALISHAJO
    I use a stethoscope from Prestige- sorry no model numbers on it. I got my first one by accident, picked it at a uniform shop and wouldn't go back to any other!!! Cost is ~ $25.00. The bell portion is a little heavier than most stethoscopes but not bad. It really helps out in a loud ER ( where I work) or the back of an ambulance!! It can be hard to keep track of, since our ER DR's like to run off with it....I'm currently on my third one. Good Luck...I'll be watching for any other advise- always willing to try a new product!!
  6. by   P_RN
    Littman Cardiac II here. But how hard of hearing are you ? There are electronic stethescopes on the market. They are expensive but if that is what it will take for you to hear accurately, then I'd go for it. http://store.yahoo.com/allheart/digitalscopes.html
    This is one site. I have NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in All Heart!
  7. by   nason3
    I'm not terribly HOH, I just noticed that I have difficulty hearing with my littman lightweight stethoscope. I was considering a ultrascope, but I don't know anyone who has experience with this scope. Thanks for all of the great advice.
  8. by   RNforLongTime
    Littmann is the ONLY scope worth considering in my opinion! I have a Littmann Master Classic and although I paid 75 dollars for it-it was well worth the price! Littmann Light weights are not that great--you need at least a Classic II SE or higher! Good Luck!

  9. by   BERTILDA
    There is a web site called AMPHL ,it stands for assoc,of med.professionals with hearing loss. This coming week they are having their first annual get together in NJ. One of the main features and discussions will be about the best stethoscopes for different types of hearing loss. There are med.profs.from all levels that are involved in this. I too have some hearing loss and my biggest issue is my stethoscope. It has been a gradual hearing loss,and can be frustrating at times. Hope this helps.
  10. by   Rileycat
    I also have some hearing loss. My biggest problem comes when there is background noise. Obviously, working in a hospital, one cannot get away from background noise. I have a Littman Master Classic II. Although it is a decent scope, I find it is not strong enough for my level of hearing loss. I am going to buy one of the Littman Cardiology scopes. I have heard that the sound quality is spectacular. Let us know what you end up buying and how it works for you. Good luck!
  11. by   booboofixerx2
    I have looked around and have found a stethoscope that I like by Dr.'s Research Group, its a Pure Tone. Any idea on the quality? I am just getting ready to start nursing classes in January. I seem to have a hard time hearing blood pressures and the ear pieces hurt my ears. Thanks for all your suggestions, in advance.
  12. by   anonymurse
    Quote from nason3
    i need a good one because i am hard of hearing; any suggestions?
    thinklabs ds32a electronic:


    buy it discounted ($200) from a rn:

  13. by   Phil136
    Welch Allyn Tycos DLX, supposedly better that Littman.
  14. by   TerryBSN

    I ordered an electronic stethoscope on August 9, 2009 and have not received I have email numerous times and called only to find out that there mail box is full. I researched them at that point and they have 33 complaints from the Better Business Bureau and the BBB gave them a grade F.

    Buyer Beware