where did you buy your stethescope?

  1. Hi everyone, I have gotten great advice on how to keep my stethescope from being stolen once I get one. Yesterday I went to the Littman site and found that I couldn't buy one from there. So, I was wondering where you all reccomend buying a stethescope. Also, a lot of you said to buy one with a different color. The most unusual colors I have been able to find have been burgandy and hunter green. Of course, they all have black and navy blue too. I was just wondering where you all get pink and lime green ones. I am planning on getting a Littman cardiology Master. I think that is what it is called anyways. Any suggestions would again be appreciated. Thanks, Kimberly
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    I did not; but I received two Littman steths (it was accidental, neither person knew the other was getting me a stethoscope) for my graduation; and they each were purchased from a discount catalogue, that's all I know. One is the Littman "Lightweight" which came w/a stethoscope "coat" which is great, the other is A hunter green Littman Cardiology, which is Awesome....I interchange and use both.....they are great. They are one of your best tools in nursing, so don't go on the cheap. Get a GOOD stethoscope, and shop around for a good deal.....----deb
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