Spira Shoes !! Yippee!!

  1. From reading the posts here, I decided to try the Spira shoes. Coils in the shoes, but not ugly or a tripping hazard like the z-coils. I love them.

    I am overweight, have back problems, arthritis in knees....generally pain everywhere and feel crippled after an hour on my feet....

    I walked for 4 hours in the hospital volunteering without an ounce of pain! Thank you Spira!!!! (I know 4 hrs isn't much for you working nurses already,...but I am just a SAHM who is starting to go back to school)....


    The next day I wore my merrell sports again to shop in the mall with my dd....and after 1 hour I practically crawled home due to the knee and back pain.....

    I have ordered another pair of Spira's...and all my other so called walking shoes are going to charity!!

    Just had to share my story!
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Thanks for posting this info!!! I have dreamed for YEARS of having spring-coil shoes, but the Z-Coil is too heavy (not to mention ugly!) and I know I'd probably be clumsy in them. Makes one wonder why they didn't come up with these sooner..........I'm going to try a pair and see how well they work for me.
  4. by   williadn
    I have plantar fasciitis ... both heel... really bad this week in one heel. ??? Taking prednisone pills helps along with specific a.m. & p.m. stretching. I too can't be on my feet and longs very long it seems. Do you think the Spira shoe would help this?
  5. by   williadn
    Are STNA's and LPN's and RN's (in Ohio--at Ohio hospitals etc.), really allowed to wear this style of shoe? They look like a tennis shoe.