Soreness everywhere... any advice?

  1. I have had a job as a CNA for about three and a half weeks now and am hurting in many places. Some places I expect to hurt and some I do not. My feet really hurt right now, mostly under my toes and on the outside of my foot (the area opposit my arch). I started out wearing Danskos but had to stop because my feet, knees, and calf area were starting to hurt. I am now wearing tennis shoes that I got from Walmart and also have Dr. Scholes arch support in them (I have high arches and narrow feet. These are an improvement from the Danskos but I am still hurting in the areas mentioned above. Also, I have a bit of swelling where the top of my foot ends and the shin area begins. My knees are hurting on the outer side and in the knee cap area a little deeper in the knee. My shoulders are hurting as well a bit internally.
    I can kind of expect all of this type of pain but would have thought that it would have stopped by now. I was not used to being on my feet all day, but I don't think this is quite normal because most of my coworkers said they got used to it after a couple of weeks. I don't do very much heavy lifting on my own; I usually get help because I am very small (only 100 lbs. and 5 feet 2.5 inches) and not strong enough to lift even lighter residents on my own without hurting someone. So I probably do a lot less lifting than most CNAs and nurses, which makes the situation even more abnormal I think.
    My elbow joints are also hurting.
    Here is what I really don't understand: my finger joints are really hurting too. I don't think I am doing very much with my hands that would strain them so much. I wear vinyl gloves where I work, I don't know if the gloves have anything to do with it. They are not very tight on my hands but are not loose either.
    My back, neck, and hips are doing just fine, surprisingly.
    I am asking for advice on prevention; what I don't really want is something that will treat the symptoms temporarily (like taking Advil or whatever). I am only 19 and am hurting when I walk a lot of the time because of the pain from my knees down. Obviously the pain is the worst after I have just woken up, and sometimes after I have been sitting for a while. My other coworkers do more lifting than me and don't seem to have ever had this much trouble, so I don't understand what I am doing wrong.
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    I could be wrong, but I think many people wear compression socks. From what I've read on another post your feet won't be as sore.
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    Accdg to our terms of service, we should not be giving out medical advice. But to me, it sounds like you have some reasons to consult your MD. I'm questioning a few things, so best to check with your MD.
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    Because we cannot give you medical advice, I need to close this thread. DO consult your Primary Health Care Providor. We wish you the best.