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where does everyone buy there scrubs? i bought a couple pairs of the dickie cargos but im having trouble finding them again...... Read More

  1. by   nursenursenurse
    I agree with the Landau for Men line.
    They have one pair of pants that I love. They actually have a zippered fly, and a belt loop. They also have two back pockets so you can have a place for your wallet. They have five other pockets too.
    I feel alot better in these pants, as they feel like actual pants instead of pajamas.

    Here is a link to them
    Landau Uniforms
  2. by   NurseguyFL
    I now buy all my scrubs at I have been using them for a while now. Their prices are reasonable and they have a nice variety of stuff for men. You can get from the very cheap kinds to the very expensive name brands there in just about every imaginable color and style, and you can even get fancy embroidery for cheap, if you're into that sort of thing. The shipping costs are reasonable if you buy at least a couple sets, and you get the stuff via DHL within two days. also has a good selection and similar pricing.

    If you are looking for bargain basement prices, there's another place that I have bought from in the past called where you can actually buy a set of scrubs for ten bucks, but the quality of their stuff isn't quite as good.
  3. by   nursemike
    I've done business with and they've been ok. I especially liked that they had the Crest zippered top and cargo pants I like, but apparently Crest is going out of business. I just ordered a couple of similar Landau tops and some 7 pocket cargos. Looking forward to seeing how they are.

    One reason I like the zippered tops is that I traded my 6-pack in on a keg. Ok, so I never had a 6-pack. In any case, my waist and hips are about the same size, so it's tough to count on elastic to keep my pants up, especially as the shift progresses and my pockets fill up. So, I wear suspenders under my top. Problem solved, but if the need arises to drop trousers, it's better not to have to deal with a pullover top.
    Sorry if that's TMI, but they don't tell you this stuff in nursing school.
  4. by   styRN
    It's been a few years since I had to buy scrubs (I hate spending money on work clothes/shoes - rather spend it on clothes I can relax in!) anyway recently I bought a few scrub sets, and my experience specifically men's or unisex scrubs. If you don't, you run the risk of the scrubs being made more for a woman's shape:
    i) low rise/high crotch pants
    ii) top being a little shorter

    Didn't realize it until I got them home and washed them - pants ride too low for comfort, and hiking them up gets me crotch-bound. The tops are okay, since I'm a little short in the torso anyway. Also, the pants seem to have kind of a wider leg - not flared, but just wider.

    As for the two pockets up-front on the tops, I prefer them - holds all my crap, since I usually work loaded down with: portable phone, beeper (sometimes two), 2 sets of keys, scissors, penlight, pens, stethoscope (don't like wearing it around the neck), sometimes an otoscope...and other crap that ends up in the pockets by days end. Can't have enough pockets.

    I'm going to look into the aviators - look cool but seem kind of expensive.

  5. by   RNdudeNNJ
    I bought the SCRUBS brand at and I can't complain about the fit or the color selection. I just have the solid colors, no prints. These scrubs are soft and comfortable with lots of pockets(so no fanny pack needed, LOL). Good Luck

  6. by   cowpoke_rn
    Check out the brand Metroscrubs....they are very cool.
  7. by   anonymurse
    I like the 3-pocket scrub tops at -- fairly lightweight, but humongous variety of great patterns that cheer up patients and you're not likely to run into someone else wearing the same thing. I signed up for the sale e-mails and only buy when they're on sale.
  8. by   t88h supra
    I'm 6'5" and thin. All scrubs seem to be way to short or they think tall=fat too. Even the "tall" scrubs are too short. Anybody know any good scrubs for tall people.
  9. by   gdean1
    I buy MOBB scrubs for the pockets and the price. Just google that. They are generally about $22 a set and you can never have enough pockets.
  10. by   styRN
    Quote from gdean1
    I buy MOBB scrubs for the pockets and the price. Just google that. They are generally about $22 a set and you can never have enough pockets.
    Careful, amigo - the last sets of scrubs I purchased were MOBB, tons of pockets as per my pref, and after laundering them I came to realize they were cut for women, despite the "unisex" tagging: the pants were crotch-binding low-rise and the tops were cut a little too short for my prefference (reach up for supplies and flash the world my navel) so I couldn't return them because of washing them before wearing.

    Lesson learned - TRY THEM ON IN THE STORE first. Too many companies are coming out with low-rise, short-top, a$$-grabbing uniforms that are definitely NOT unisex, despite their claims.
  11. by   meandragonbrett
    I second MetroScrubs
  12. by   Hopeslayer
    I recently purchased two sets of scrubs from, and I love them. I will definately buy some more when I "phase out" my next set of old scrubs.
  13. by   norseman
    This is coming from a Swede, and thus someone from another cultural context than you guys. Our jobs are the same though. I have browsed through some threads in this awesome forum and every now and then this discussion about scrubs comes up, and some aspects regarding scrubs in the US fascinate me!

    *You seem to think it is very important to be able to choose and pick your color and layout of the scrubs. here they are available in three colors, namely blue, white and green (green for people working in the OR only). i have never even thought about wanting to have red, yellow, or any other color for that matter. it is a workplace and not a fashion show. coming from a military background i kinda like the uniformity of working in a hospital.

    *you have to buy your clothes whereas here they are provided by the workplace. we are under stern orders to change them every day. buying and washing them yourselves, how often do you change scrubs? we don't even wear scrubs to and from work, we have to change to a new set each time we arrive at work.

    not critisism on my part, like i said, i just find the differences fascinating.