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Within the last year I had been having intense pain coming from the back of my heel that is more prevalent upon rising out of bed in the morning and my recent visit to the doctor dx me as having... Read More

  1. by   Bipley
    Quote from Bipley
    What do you suppose it is about soy milk that helps foot pain?
    I don't know, I think I would have to see several double blind studies and a few JAMA articles before I could put any kind of soy milk (or any other milk) in THIS mouth. Gahhhhhhhh :chuckle

    I have tried my true blue favorite Nikes, I've tried Crocs, ASICS Gel Tennis shoes, and now I just ordered Birkenstocks and Nurse Mates. I'd rather dump a fortune into every bloody shoe on the market than to put soy milk in my mouth. (yuck)
  2. by   Ado Annie
    I feel for you. I spent months with terrible heel pain, which I "self diagnosed" as plantar fasciitis. Though relatives who had experienced similar pain swore by the orthotics they got from podiatrists, I scorned that approach, was stubborn and never talked to my doc about it.

    What did help: (1) lots and lots of ibuprofen, (2) ice, and (3) stretching my calves every day.

    Have now been pain free for a few months, and I'm not gonna even ask why. Just be thankful! Maybe it was really an inflamed bursa?