Need help on finding best stethoscope for cochlear implants

  1. I am returning to floor nursing after many years in nursing administration. I have bilateral cochlear implants and am confused by the stethoscopes that are available. Are any of them wireless? If not what is least cumbersome option. I have not found any good resources or reference materials on this. May be I am not looking in the right place. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Sweetheart2005
    Need to follow. I just got a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aide) three days ago due to a childhood deformity. I have one good ear and one I could hear nothing prior to the implant. This hearing aide is through cochlear. Im planning to talk to my audiologist and see if they know what's available.
    My options and your options may be similar. I will let you know what I learn!
  4. by   dianah
    Do a search (upper right-hand corner) on the site for "stethoscope cochlear" and several threads will pop up.

    Good luck!!
  5. by   DrNotanurse
    I started an account just to reply to this.
    i have Advanced Bionics Naida in one ear and nothing in the other.
    I had a much longer reply but it didn't seem to post.
    I work in an ER and tried one of our RT's Cardionics E-scope with bluetooth but the scope wouldn't connect to my Compilot (wireless interfacing device) because the scope uses old Bluetooth that requires numbers to be entered on the device being paired. CIs don't have keypads. Hopefully they can get this figured out.

    There is also the ThinkLabs scope that can connect to a CI with an audio cable.

    AMPHL is an organization for Med professionals with hearing loss that might still have advice
  6. by   Landc
    I have an electronic steth made by andromed that is amazing!

    I know there are steths with T-loops and accomadations for hearing aides. You can research online and I have used steths by phillips and andromed and find them both excellent. Much depends on what you can afford. Don't go with the amplified ones as they will amplify everything around you as well. I tried that type at first, didn't really work that great in a noisy situation. I am not being much help, LOL, but I do there are good steths out there and you will benefit from them.

    WOrd to the wise.... do not let anyone "borrow" your e scope!!! The drs will want to as you can hear so good with them, but Docs are notorious steth thiefs and if they will steal a cheapie, they will steal an expensive super cool steth!! So will fellow nurses, nursing students, etc!!!!! May find this use full Stetho Expert