Looking for Stethoscope Recommendations

  1. Hi! I just got accepted into nursing school and I'm needing to purchase a stethoscope. Do you have any suggestions on brands and what to look for? Thank you!
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  3. by   Dogen
    Basically everyone you will ever meet will have a Littman Lightweight II, Littman Classic II, or a Littman Classic III. Except that one person whose parent is a physician who will have a second-hand Littman Master Cardiology and tell you that it has a fancy diaphragm that changes frequency response by pressing down on the bell.
  4. by   MedChica
    The electronic littman is great if you have hearing issues. The cardiology iii is just as good. Lighter, too.

    You're a student, though, so get something durable and cheap. You can blow your money in fancy-pants equipment (as one of my supvs calls it, shaking her head) when you graduate.

    ADC makes durable cuffs so I'd think the stethoscopes would be good too. Prestige stethescopes are nice. I dont know how well they work, though.
  5. by   ThatOneDude822
    I have a littmann classic III and it does everything I need for school, and can continue to use it when I graduate. You can't go wrong with the classic ii s.e. either. I wouldn't even consider a littmann cardiology at this point. It costs way more money than what you need to dish out right now and (in my opinion) the difference in quality is really not useful as a student. Once you graduate, you might look into it if you go on a cardiac-focused unit.

    I've also heard great things about the MDF MD One. It's price tag is right around the littmann classics, maybe even a little cheaper. (Plus it's available in rose gold which is ALWAYS a plus)
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  7. by   karenflrz
    I recently graduated from LPN school. I used a Prestige medical stethoscope that was handed down to me by a nurse at my previous job. It did the job just fine while I was in school, but it was honestly heavy. I recently treated myself to a littman lassic III, and it was just what I'm looking for. I too would advise in not getting such and expensive one and just waiting until you graduate to get a nice one. Have fun shopping!