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Just wanted to say that it's awesome. Much, much better than the cheaper base models you see floating around. I'm not saying that those are worthless or anything, but this one was worth the money. ... Read More

  1. by   medchick
    I have three. One from my military days, one I won in a contest, and one for infants (just got a NICU job). I will never be without a Littman.
  2. by   anonymurse
    You can also get a plastic tag with a metal plate (you specify the engraving) that snaps onto your scope at http://steeles.com/catalog/tag.html (only $4.49).
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  3. by   missyjillRN
    I love the Littmann Master Cardiology!! Had one since 2nd semester of nursing school...Unfortunately, l lost it in one of the isolation carts while doing nursing care I got the Littmann lightweight SE II to replace, but with this experience, nothing beats the acoustic quality of the Master Cardiology...Once you go MC, you can't go back....I just got a new MC from allheart.com, had it engraved, and imma hang on to it and never let go!!
  4. by   Alternator81
    I love my master cardiology, too! Yay! I am going to get mine engraved now! Thanks for the tip!
  5. by   middleageNP
    My bright orange Littman Classic grew feet and walked out of my life a few days ago when I laid it down to give a patient a bath. Gave me the excuse to pick a Master Cardiology one up. I got lucky and picked up one at Ebay for a great price. My name will be engraved on this baby when I receive it. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. by   Spoiled1
    I have a Master Cardiology III (plum color), and it was worth the $150 investment! Though I will admit its kinda heavy. Anyone else notice this? Several people in my nursing class have the lightweight Littmans and they SAY you can hear just as well, not sure.
  7. by   knob
    Well, thanks to this post, I just purchased a Littmann Master Cardiology AND registered at the site (didn't know there was such a big nursing forum out there).

    I'm justifying the purchase with the fact that I'll be graduating in May (holy crap that gets me excited and nervous) and the pay increase from CNA to RN will help me recover the $200 cost -- paid for engraving and overnight shipping. I want it here for my last clinical rotation.
  8. by   mimi1jb
    Thank you guys, this has been really helpful. My stethoscope was stolen in my clinical yesterday So i will definitely be spending the $150, it really seems worth it.

    I gradute in May, Im almost there
  9. by   student456
    I have the littman lightweight and have recently bought a master cardiology

    You can hear WAYYYY louder with the master cardiology....significantly. Makes hearing breath sounds easier. With my lightweight I had a hard time hearing brachial pulses but with my master cardiology i can hear them no problem
  10. by   margo2007
    How does this compare to the Littmann 3M 3000?
  11. by   AZReam
    no,no, no!

    PureTone, MDF, Riester !!!
  12. by   guyincp2005
    So I'm new to the site, and I graduate this weekend from nursing school and will start working in a Med/Surg ICU. I want to get Master Littman, and I know someone posted that you can take it to Things Remembered to get it engraved. Has anyone found a website online to purchase it and get it engraved at the same time? I'm trying to shop online for the best price and get it engraved with one click of my mouse
  13. by   AZReam
    Gosh ..... if only it was a PureTone, Echo or Symphony - laser etching for just $40 extra