Just curious, what gear do you own?

  1. I start my PCT(CNA, Phlebotomist, EKG tech) classes in April. Just wondering what gear will i be required to buy myself if any, aside from scrubs once i'm done with school and have a job.
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  3. by   arpeggiated
    I have a steth and bp cuff from my EMT class. I also bought a penlight, but we never did pupils in CNA class. Most facilities provide the gear for you, but if you want something nicer, you'll have to buy it yourself.
  4. by   november17
    I would honestly say you don't need anything. A stethoscope may come in handy for taking manual blood pressures, but honestly most facilities use machines these days. Most of the time there are tons of extra stethoscopes lying around anyways. You might just save your money and buy an extra pair of scrubs.
  5. by   Vanilla12
    usually classes like that will supply you wit what you need. if not, chances are they'll tell you what to get if you need it!!
  6. by   para
    Congrats and best wishes for upcoming class Xentec. I was just wondering how you found a class that offers CNA, Phlebotomist, EKG tech ? I can find classes around here one at a time or Phlebotomist/EKG tech together and CNA separate. If you don't mind me asking how much would a course like this cost? I can take the CNA for about $800.00 (one month)and Phlebotomist/EKG tech (3 months) for about $1,500. I am planing on going to school next year for my LPN, but I want to get experience and work till then.Also how long is your class?Thanks, I would love to find an all in one class.
  7. by   JaxiaKiley
    Congrats on your upcoming class

    I'm in nursing school, so this may not apply...but I like having my own steth. I wouldn't want to have to worry about cleaning the ear pieces every single time I needed to take a BP.
  8. by   SaraO'Hara
    Nifty class

    I own bandage scissors, stethoscope, and wristwatch - but I don't need much more than that as CNA in LTC. Bandage scissors get used often to vivisect almost-empty tubes of ointment.
  9. by   Xentec
    WOW! so sorry i didn't get back to this post, been busy

    I'm in Alabama and my class will be given at the NE State comm college. It's called PCT and cost, its free since i met a nice lady at the state employment office while asking about some college funding so she hooked me up(WIA, the state allots free money per year and it's first come first serve and i was the last guy to get the slot), sorry i can't tell you the exact cost, less than 3k, prolly more like 2k or so. My course will be one year as it includes some minor classes like spanish and such.

    Again sorry i didn't get back to this post sooner
  10. by   jelorde37
    thats a pretty sweet class your in. im an lvn and honestly, i dont think you need anything. most facilities do take vitals via machine now but a steth would be good to have around. i carry around a stethescope, pen light, wrist bp cuff, other stuff(needles, alcohol pads, etc etc). but you wont need anything cause the facility should have them.