I'm gonna miss my Crocs... Please Help

  1. I am starting Nursing School in the fall. I currently work at the hospital as an OB Tech 2 days a week, 12 hour shifts. At work I wear Crocs Professional, and I LOVE them. Unfortunately, they won't let me wear them for clinical. My school's shoe specs are:
    • All White
    • Leather
    • No High Tops
    • Not Clogs
    • "Duty Shoes"
    I have been considering different shoes. Our clinicals are about 6 hrs, 2 days per week. I am not sure that I want to spend an arm and a leg for so few hours. At Walmart I saw Dr. Scholls shoes for approx. $30 and was considering them. I have also considered New Balance. Anyone with any input on this I would greatly appreciate it. I am totally at a loss at what I should look at. Thanks.
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  3. by   ac123
    When I was in nursing school, the school told us "all white nursing shoes or sneakers"---very similiar to what your school is requiring. I bought these cheap 30$ shoes and wore them once. They killed my feet. After that I went back to my Crocs. All my clinical instructors told us to wear what was comfortable for us. My advice---see if you can stick to what you know is comfortable for your feet.
    If you cannot, Dansko's are super comfy and are well worth it.
  4. by   Ginger's Mom
    As an instructor who wear crocs I also see many of my students do the same. Buy a cheap pair of white shoes and then see what others do.
  5. by   shrimpchips
    [FONT="Georgia"]I see a lot of students wearing Crocs, myself included. I have a pair of white speciality ones and I absolutely LOVE them. They don't have the holes in them or anything so maybe that's why mine are more acceptable. Do the professional ones have holes in them? Talk to your school or CI - they might be okay with Crocs that do no have the holes in them.